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Customized greetings for your PBX solution

personalized greetings feature

Initial greeting is your first interaction with clients. With CloudTalk, you can create personalized greetings played to the caller based on specific situations (outside business hours, on-hold, etc.)

Our PBX solution allows you to create personalized greetings and messages tailored to your business needs.

CloudTalk’s intuitive and user-friendly interface includes a Messages tab, where you can create as many customized messages as you wish:

  • choose a greeting name
  • upload an mp3 file
  • and start using your personalized greetings different for each occasion and situation or apply individual greetings for individual contacts

Customization allows you to adapt your PBX solution according to your customers’ needs, improve their experience and promote brand loyalty.

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Types of customized messages for your PBX

  • Welcome greeting. The first interaction of the caller with your company. For example, you can record a simple message: “Hello, you have reached the CloudTalk contact center.
  • IVR menu messages. Customized IVR menu messages provide the caller with relevant information. For example, you can record messages with your business hours or order statuses and decrease the number of queries addressed to agents who would have to respond to each customer individually. 
  • Waiting message for customers on-hold. Make your customer’s waiting experience more pleasant with hold music or individualized messages. For example: “You are second in the queue.
  • Personalized voicemail message. If there are no agents available, all calls can be redirected to voicemail. Before leaving a message, customers will hear a pre-recorded message, for example: “Unfortunately, there are no agents available at the moment. Please leave a message and we will call you back.
  • Outside business hours customized message. What the customers hear when they call your PBX outside of business hours. For example, you can use the following message: “Dear client, unfortunately, you have reached us outside of our business hours. We have registered your call and will call you back the next working day.
  • Personalized greetings. Record special greetings (for example during the holiday season) for calls coming into your PBX outside of your business hours. This will enhance customer experience and make sure that customers know when to expect your callback.

All customized messages can be easily configured, modified or removed in our PBX solution anytime you need. 

With Personalized Greetings feature, your clients will always receive the right information.

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