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Shared contacts in your contact center solution

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Compile all your contacts in a single contact list. Integrations will help you import contacts from several sources into CloudTalk. This will make your workflows even more efficient.

Expand your CloudTalk contact database every day to always know who the caller is and make your outbound campaigns more efficient.

We know that with today’s competitive market, it is very important and valuable to have your own relevant contact database. Our contact center solution, therefore, allows you to easily import contact lists from any CSV file (text file with values separated with a symbol) or integrate your business tools (e.g. CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce).

Import your contacts in seconds

There are three ways how to import contacts into CloudTalk:

  • Through integrations: Integrate CloudTalk with your business tools and contacts of your loyal clients and prospects will be automatically synchronized at pre-defined intervals.
  • CSV import: Upload a CSV file with a single click (for example from Excel) and import your contact database into CloudTalk. You can find a sample file directly in CloudTalk’s interface.
  • Manually: CloudTalk’s intuitive interface allows you to add a new client with relevant data in the Contacts tab. You can also assign a preferred agent to whom the customer’s calls will be routed. The real-time customer card feature allows you to create a new contact even if you are still talking with the client.

With each import, CloudTalk will create new contacts and update existing contacts with new data. For example, if you changed your existing client’s email address in Helpdesk, synchronization allows the change to be automatically displayed in the CloudTalk contact list.

Provide better service with CloudTalk’s features

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Any contact center can use our simple solution to acquire and enrich their contact database. Your team will always have access to robust and essential customer information.

Importing your existing contacts into CloudTalk has many benefits

Synchronize your customer contact information in all your business tools with CloudTalk and enrich your client database. By knowing at least basic customer information, your agents can better understand customers’ needs when they call. They will also not have to search in multiple databases to find relevant contact or information.

Compile relevant customer data to help you boost sales. For example, if you know the client’s age or profession, you can recommend them more products. This information will also help you improve your outbound campaigns or assist you when the caller cannot decide which product or service to purchase.

Add tags to contacts

Create and assign tags to your contacts based on customer priority, the language of communication, orders, or any other criteria. Simply tag your contacts based on any information relevant to your business. Tags help you easily identify callers and sort contacts more efficiently. 

Streamline your outbound campaigns

A list of customer contacts with relevant tags will streamline your outbound campaigns and make them more efficient. Tags allow you to sort relevant prospects and choose which ones to contact. This will make sure that your agents do not call customers who are not interested in the offer, thereby saving your costs.

Use relevant contact database for your business purposes. CloudTalk will make sure that it is always up-to-date.

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