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Phone system integration for Shopify

cloudtalk integration for shopify

Searching for a call center solution that can improve the overall customer experience? Boost your agents’ efficiency and keep your clients happy by integrating CloudTalk with Shopify.

Get access to the important customer data even before picking up the call

When a customer is calling, agents usually need 30-60 seconds to find basic information about the caller. With Shopify & CloudTalk integration, the customer support team can drastically reduce wait time for customers. Moreover, agents can offer more personalized service thanks to the customer’s details displayed right in CloudTalk.

Spend more time interacting with customers, less by browsing

Time is the most precious resource – for businesses and customer alike. Integration with Shopify allows you to take manual searching out of your workflow. This simple integration can save you a lot of time. Don’t let your customers sit idle while your agents search for information about their order. Integration with Shopify allows your agents to see details like name, email, previous orders, returns, and tracking number, all in one place. If you need to get even more information about your customer, you can get into the customer’s Shopify profile in just one click.

Enjoy Click-to-call feature in Shopify

Make your outbound calls in Shopify with a single click. You can follow up with your clients or make sales outreach without leaving Shopify. Thanks to Click-to-call feature, all the phone numbers will be recognized and converted into clickable format. Instead of dealing with the tedious dialing of numbers, your team can focus more on the conversation with clients.

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How to install Shopify integration

  • Login to CloudTalk Dashboard account here
  • Click on Account -> Integrations in the left sidebar menu
  • Select Shopify integration and click on +Add button to install the integration
  • Fill in your Store domain and click Continue
  • You will be redirected to Shopify Log In page, where you need to log into your account
  • After successful login, you will be redirected back to CloudTalk Dashboard
  • Make sure your integration is set in Active state
  • Finally click on the Save button and your integration is ready to use

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