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Short numbers for call centers

Get a five-digit phone number 16 xxx, 17 xxx or 18 xxx.

Start using short five-digit phone numbers in the formats 16 xxx, 17 xxx, or 18 xxx. Short phone numbers can be used for services of a generally beneficial nature, for example:

  • special information services
  • customer support
  • humanitarian services
  • transport services
  • taxi services
  • municipal information center 
  • tourist center
  • national and regional information services
  • and many more

These numbers are easy to remember, so your clients will be happy to use them. Short 5-digit numbers for call centers with formats 16 xxx or 17 xxx are regional numbers that should be dialed with local prefixes. Short numbers 18 xxx are national numbers that can also be dialed without local prefixes from any landline in Slovakia, as well as from mobile networks.

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