Never Miss a Call With Our Slack integration

Connect Slack and CloudTalk via Zapier and get instant notifications for missed calls, voicemails, SMS, and more. Slack informs you about important activities happening in CloudTalk. In real time.

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Stay informed with instant notifications of new customer interactions

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Keep good relationships with clients by never missing out on them


Easily track all your activities with a unified platform

Effortlessly synchronize CloudTalk with Slack via Zapier

How You Can Benefit From Slack Integration

Stay on track

Follow all calling and texting activities and reply directly from your Slack channel.

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Be one step ahead

Receive instant notifications about activities in CloudTalk, such as new calls, missed calls, voicemails or text messages.

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Work effectively

With our Slack + CloudTalk integration, you no longer have to switch between platforms to see what’s going on.

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Rely on automation

Create triggers, automate repetitive tasks, and provide a better customer experience. You’ll also save time.

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Slack Integration + CloudTalk

With the CloudTalk and Slack integration, you’ll never miss your clients when they’re trying to reach you. You’ll be notified of each missed call, text message, voicemail or more straight away, without the need to switch between platforms. We will make sure you are providing the best service possible.

How to Setup CloudTalk + Slack

CloudTalk + Slack integration is ready within a few clicks in our Zap Templates!

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

“CloudTalk´s workflow automation has allowed us to create Slack triggers to alert us about inbound calls, who is calling, which agent answered the call, and output the call notes.”

Anonymous reviewer, Small-Business, G2


What is Slack integration, and how to use it?

Slack integration with CloudTalk call center software allows you to receive instant notifications directly from Slack workflow. You don’t need to switch between systems. This will simplify your work and boost your productivity.

How does Slack+Cloudtalk integration work

Connect CloudTalk with Slack via Zapier. The integration is ready within a few clicks with our Zap Templates!

Slack integration benefits for your business

– Track all calling and texting activities of your team 
– Receive instant notifications about missed calls, voicemails, or messages
– More effective contact center 
– No missed calls, messages, or voicemails

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