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Surglogs provides healthcare facilities with a full suite of regulatory compliance software designed to improve the everyday routines of healthcare administrators by replacing the pen-and-paper documentation process with an easy-to-navigate digital platform.

Surglogs streamlines and automates regulatory compliance and the administration of logbooks, medications, supplies, narcotics, in-services, and drills in healthcare facilities. 

Surglogs has saved thousands of dollars in labour and storage costs for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals across the United States through improving clinical compliance calculations as well as providing administrators and clinical staff with peace of mind for their future accreditation surveys. Even though Surglogs offers a great product for hospitals, the management team observed a few challenges which needed to be tackled: 

  • Connecting with the target market. Healthcare professionals are constantly moving and being pulled into different areas of the facilities that they work in. This means they spend precious little time in their office, where their phones are located. When the Surglogs team reach an administrator or a director of nursing on the phone, it is an opportunity that cannot be lost by a dropped call as it may take weeks or months to even reach that person again.
  • Maintaining a consistent pace. Poor integrations and call quality made it hard for the sales staff to make the number of calls needed to reach clients. This lead to slower pipelines and fewer leads for the sales staff, ultimately affecting the revenue of the business. Screenshot

Tackling the challenge with CloudTalk

There were several reasons why Surglogs decided to switch their business phone system. The buggy integration, poor customer service, and poor call quality did lose their valuable time. Each time a call dropped or a client couldn’t hear them added weeks onto their sales timeline. In order to address these problems, they started to look for new software.


Problems Surglogs faced

  • Poor call quality
  • Frequent dropped calls 
  • Non-responsive customer service

Although their previous business phone software provider offered inbound and outbound calling over the world and several useful features, the above mentioned serious problems indicated that there is a need to switch their phone solution.  

The key requirements for the new software were clear:

  • High call quality 
  • Responsive customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Integration with their CRM system
  • Cloud-based and easily scalable

In the last 3 months, the team has made 29,970 outbound calls and spent 41,698 minutes on the phone with the clients using 19 international numbers.

They have managed to connect with their clients on a more regular basis. Moreover, they started to use the call recording feature to train new employees on their conversations and complete the necessary quality assessment.

The call dashboard also allows the management team to ensure that sales staff are meeting key metrics, as well as diagnose any potential opportunities in their process.

They started using the Pipedrive integration but they now made a switch to the integration with Salesforce as they switched CRMs. With a legacy call center providers, such change would take days, but with CloudTalk, they managed to switch instantly. 

Results in the last 3 months

Outbound calls
Minutes on the phone with clients
Phone numbers

Essential benefits

  • Strong Call Quality – high call quality helps with improving sales reps efficiency and overall customer experience.
  • Customer Service – CloudTalk’s staff has been particularly communicative and helpful with set up of the integration.
  • Customizable IVR Trees – This feature allows you to route the calling customer to the most suitable agent just in a few steps. CEO
Peter Zajac
CEO of Surglogs
Peter is motivated by his passion for disruptive technologies and innovative thought leadership. In 2015, Peter co-founded Surglogs and was acting CTO. In 2017, he stepped in as CEO.

Surglogs team’s favorite features

  • Call Recording: – Helps to store example calls for training new employees. They can also review calls with trainees to point out strengths and potential areas of improvement. Call recording also allows them to complete quality assessment activities.
  • Integration with SalesForce: This automates the tracking of activities and deals for their sales staff and allows the management team to build reports that measure key metrics.
  • Agent Reporting: – The agent dashboard provides an excellent overview of the sales staff at a quick glance that is easy to understand and intuitive.

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