21. May 2019

8 Myths About Call Centers: Debunked

Contact centers help numerous companies around the world to grow and succeed by providing excellent customer support. At the same time, they're victims of many well-established myths based on outdated assumptions. We've gathered 8 most common myths about call centers and debunked them one by one.

8. March 2019

3 Types of CRM systems & which one is the right for you

Without customers, there is no business. And without satisfied customers, there is no revenue. Customer relationship management (CRM) became an essential part of success. If you still hesitate, trust numbers: around 50 % of researched sales team members agreed that CRM systems significantly boosted their productivity. Are you unsure which one to choose? Our summary is here to help.

5. December 2018

How to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

Contact centers rely on agents to provide great customer service with every interaction. Without productive agents, you risk losing clients, your reputation and revenue. To be successful, call centers need to boost agent performance. But how?

16. November 2018

9 Proven Ways To Improve Call Center Productivity | CloudTalk

Call center operators are only human, they can’t maintain a high-performance level every second of every hour of every day. Businesses, on the other hand, are all about maximizing efficiency and generating profit, all while providing excellent customer support 24/7. So how can we bridge the gap?

22. June 2018

Improve your agent skills in 5 easy steps

Many companies have been placing more and more focus on boosting customer satisfaction. However, customer expectations on the quality of services have also been growing. Customer satisfaction influences loyalty and overall satisfaction with the company, its products and services.