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2. April 2019

6 customer retention strategies

Let’s start with a little math: if you want to quantify how good you are at keeping your existing clients, you can use a simple formula to calculate the so-called customer retention rate:

27. February 2019

5 trends for 2019 to help you improve your call center

Imagine a call center of the past: a dark room with dim artificial light in an office building with a team of agents jammed in a small room with nothing but basic customer details and an old software. And now imagine a call center of the future. What do you see?

9. February 2019

How to Treat Customers Professionally?

No customer likes being taken for granted. This is especially true in today’s extremely competitive world where it’s not difficult to lose a customer. That’s why you should always offer your customers something extra – and this includes professional and personalized approach. How to achieve that? Keep reading.

7. January 2019

11 Proven Ways To Improve Customer satisfaction

Business cannot exist without customers. And they aren't going to support a company that treats them poorly. Studies show that 91 % of clients will simply leave without complaining and won't do business with such a company ever again. Customer satisfaction is therefore one of the most important aspects you need to focus on in order to retain old clients, as well as gain new ones. Especially today, when negative feedback spreads faster than ever.

26. November 2018

7 proven ways to improve customer service

Good relations with customers are fundamental for the success of any business. Unsatisfied customers switch to competitors and never come back. In this post, you will find out what to do to ensure that your clients are always satisfied and how to build a stable relationship that creates profit.

19. November 2018

How to improve customer experience (CX)

Whatever business you owe, it's the customer who holds true power. In digital times, when consumers have countless choices on a tip of their finger, customer experience is more important than ever. An exceptional CX service helps your business grow.

15. October 2018

5 reasons why clients will love you – Part 1

The key to long-term success of any business is building trust and establishing strong relationships with customers. Building trust = increased customer loyalty = increased sales. However, very often many companies create barriers that put customers off.

2. October 2018

8 principles of dealing with angry customers

Dealing with angry customers is frequently part of everyday routine of customer support agents. Most of us would probably react offensively if we talked to an upset or insolent clients. However, for customer support professionals, it is important to keep it cool and follow several principles which can lead to positive outcome and retain the customer. What are the principles?