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4. December 2019

How to automate your sales process

There’s no doubt that automation changes the way we work. Even though it tends to have equally many opponents and supporters, in the case of sales it can truly work wonders. This is mostly because the daily life of a sales agent revolves around a variety of tasks - which are all important, yet take a lot of time if done manually.

8. July 2019

Call center statistics that count

Meeting customer expectations can be a challenge in today’s competitive business world. With an understanding that every client is different and should be treated individually, you should also take a closer look on metrics that overall can help you improve your customer service and therefore, increase your company’s revenue.

8. March 2019

3 Types of CRM systems & which one is the right for you

Without customers, there is no business. And without satisfied customers, there is no revenue. Customer relationship management (CRM) became an essential part of success. If you still hesitate, trust numbers: around 50 % of researched sales team members agreed that CRM systems significantly boosted their productivity. Are you unsure which one to choose? Our summary is here to help.