22. January 2019

Benefits of E-commerce to customer

A revolution in the way we do business and shopping! We are talking about e-commerce, which is becoming a necessity for many companies in today's modern world. Although customers love it and it has its benefits, it also has its negatives!

12. November 2018

How to increase customer loyalty

Not all satisfied customers are necessarily loyal. Learn how to build customer loyalty and keep your e-commerce revenue flowing.

4. October 2018

Christmas is coming! Is your e-shop ready?

Online shopping has seen a significant boom in recent years. It is easy and comfortable. Therefore, e-shops have been stepping up their game and offering better prices, free shipping or excellent customer service. The situation gets even more rough before Christmas.

10. August 2018

What are the demands in the era of the customer?

Companies realize that customers are the ones calling the shots. They are smarter, better informed and know they have more options to choose from. They expect excellent customer experience whenever they interact with a company.

13. July 2018

What does GDPR mean for e-commerce businesses?

In the previous blog post, we looked at what efforts CloudTalk has made to become GDPR compliant. As a business enabling thousands of calls per month, we take personal data protection very seriously and do our best to help you comply with GDPR when using our solution. If you are an e-commerce operator, it’s important that you cover several areas to make your business ready for the new rules.