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12. November 2020

6 Best Pipedrive Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps

Pipedrive offers an incredible number of available integrations. But which ones to choose when it comes to Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps? Here’s our list of the 6 most useful Pipedrive phone integrations, dialers, and calling apps!

29. October 2020

Best 6 Hubspot Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps

Do you know how you can get even more power out of Hubspot’s CRM tool? By integrating it with an equally powerful call center tool. But which to pick? Here’s our comparison of the 6 most popular Hubspot phone integrations, dialers and calling apps!

14. August 2020

Front App: 6 Best Integrations to boost customer experience

Good communication is the base of good customer experience. If you, as a company, are able to communicate fast and efficiently, your customers will appreciate it and offer referrals or even more purchases in return. What do the online tools have to do with it, though? Take a closer look with us on how Front and its integrations can facilitate communication in your company. 

4. December 2019

How to automate your sales process

There’s no doubt that automation changes the way we work. Even though it tends to have equally many opponents and supporters, in the case of sales it can truly work wonders. This is mostly because the daily life of a sales agent revolves around a variety of tasks - which are all important, yet take a lot of time if done manually.

2. December 2019

Zoho CRM: 5 Best Integrations To Boost your Sales Results

Since business leaders started to realise that tech solutions can truly help them in multiple ways, powerful tools have been on the rise. In fact, 70% of businesses admit planning an increase in spending on new technologies.

23. July 2019

What is a Cloud Phone System

While running a business, you might want to use a tool which can support your business phone system, customer support, call center, and sales team. All of these can easily be boosted by the usage of a cloud-based solution.

10. July 2019

Integrating your call center with powerful tools: Benefits and how to do it

If you run a successful call center, you know that your team needs to be equipped with the right tools in order to deliver seamless customer and sales support. But choosing them may be a difficult task. Even though a single best solution doesn’t exist, call center tool integration can easily work wonders. Here’s a guide on how to best integrate your business with powerful tools.

14. June 2019

Win more deals with Pipedrive phone system integration

With customer expectations raising constantly, maintaining the highest standards of your customers & sales support might soon become a priority for your business. By combining the right tools, however, this has never been easier – especially if you integrate your phone system with a powerful CRM solution. Here’s why you should take advantage of CloudTalk-Pipedrive integration and boost the performance of your sales team.