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27. August 2020

How to start a virtual call center?

Given their popularity, starting a virtual call center can’t be that difficult. Or can it? Here’s how to start your virtual call center from scratch.

23. July 2020

10 proven strategies for effective call center management

A call center is often the first point of contact clients have with your business, as well as the most consistent point of contact throughout clients’ dealings with your business. In fact, 61% of people stop doing business with brands that have poor customer service. In order to avoid falling into this group, a call centre manager practically has to be a virtuoso in his field.

13. July 2020

Call center outsourcing: The definitive guide

The service sector has grown exponentially in recent years. High-quality customer care is a key factor in helping businesses retain their customer base. This is why deciding whether or not to outsource your customer service has become an even tougher decision.

24. June 2020

Complete Call Center Software Buyer's Guide

Are you considering switching to another call center software provider? Or maybe you’re just getting started, and implementing a cloud call center technology is still on your to-do list? In both cases, making sure you pick the right tools can make a significant impact on the day-to-day performance of your call center.

9. June 2020

Contact center vs call center: The ultimate comparison

The terms ‘contact center’ and ‘call center’ are often used interchangeably - but the truth is, these terms don’t actually mean the same. There are some differences between them, which we’re about to cover in this blog post. Here’s your ultimate comparison of call center vs contact center.