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Strategies To Take Your Customer Support Global

Erika Babat photo

Erika Babat
Head of Support, CloudTalk

Frederico Lopes
Head of the Customer Service, DiscoverCars

The benefits of global customer support are clear, but the process of setting up global support operations is undeniably complex. Are you expanding customer care internationally or facing challenges with expanding to new timezones and languages?

In our latest webinar, we’ll meet with experienced support leaders to uncover how they tackled and overcame the challenges in scaling successful global customer support teams.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • When and how to scale support into different time zones and languages
  • How to provide 24-7 support despite operating in a small market
  • How to lead teams working in different timezones
  • How to leverage automation
  • How to allocate resources across different channels

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