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How To Get Sales Prospecting & Automation Right In 2023

Cris Villar
VP of CS & Sales , Co-Founder of Landbot.io

Witold Solski
Outbound SDR Manager in Commercial at Cloudtalk

Automation is more than just a way to increase sales volume and performance. It also allows you to focus on the customer segments most relevant to your business. 

Watch our webinar and your customers will appreciate your focus, personal approach, and the seamless customer journey you offer.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How automation improves workflows & operations
  • Why better prospecting means slowing down
  • How to automate with human touch inbound vs. outbound sales
  • How to use automated data gathering, data enrichment, and lead scoring to get better leads 
  • Top-down approach vs. bottom-up approach in sales prospecting

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