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Scaling During Pandemic: How Glovo Adapted to the New Normal

glovo yohann portrait

Yohann Bensadoun
Global Head of Operations at Glovo

Flavio Di Berardino - Glovo

Flavio Di Berardino
Ops Solution Software Developer at Glovo

The on-demand delivery service has launched in 22 countries, 400+ cities worldwide, and has delivered 100M+ orders. We can learn a lot, clearly.

Yohann Bensadoun and Flavio Di Berardino from Glovo’s global operations team joined us on a webinar to discuss the challenges of scaling with the added stress of a global pandemic.

What were our key learnings?

  1. Stay humble
  2. Zapier is your friend
  3. Be wary of companies that promise you the world to win your business
  4. Change can be uncomfortable but it’s necessary to scale

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