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Seeking to Scale: How to Tackle Remote Growth Challenges in Customer Support

Erika Babat - Head of Support - CloudTalk

Erika Babat
Head of Support at CloudTalk

Eugenia Chuprina - Reply.io

Eugenia Chuprina
Head of Customer Support at Reply.io

Famous proverb says “divide and conquer”. Does it work in business? Can you conquer steady revenue growth while divided from your team? A hybrid or remote working model brings new challenges and we know how to win over them.

In our new webinar, Erika and Eugenia share tips on when and how to scale your customer support team for best results in a current market environment. Learn how an efficient team structure looks like, how to keep employees’ spirit up to prevent turnover, and many more.

Shortly, find a way to provide exceptional customer experience under any circumstances.

Key topics summary:

  • Scale your team – when and how?
  • Keep support engaging to prevent employee turnover
  • Embrace changes remote/hybrid working model brings
  • Develop a team culture in a current work environment
  • Keep remote teams productive to delivering exceptional customer service

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