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The Art of Customer Service: Balancing Automation and Human Touch

Monika Machová - CloudTalk

Monika Machová

Kaia Madalińska - LiveChat

Kaia Madalińska

It’s vital that you design your customer service experience so that your customers know you care about them. How do you mix the perfect touchpoint cocktail with customers in mind? Chat boxes, help articles, blogs, reviews, and many other tools are at your fingertips ready to use, but how do you use them wisely — and when? When should you leverage chat boxes, how should you leverage phones and stay authentic to your end customer?

In this webinar, Livechat and CloudTalk will show you real-life examples and case studies about how to design an ideal customer service journey. They will present real use cases that show how automation and a human-centric approach can help you proactively reach out to your customers and prospects.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • From touchpoints to journeys: Designing customer service experience
  • Define your toolset that fits your customer’s needs
  • How to use Phone and Chat as a power couple in your business
  • Beyond the buzz: communication with a human touch
  • Q&A

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