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Sales Over Coffee

Onboarding Independent Sales Teams: Setting Your Teams Up For Success

Celia Bruche Sales Enablement Director CloudTalk

Celia Bruche
Sales Enablement Director, CloudTalk

Lee Cottle General Manager Europe Playvox

Lee Cottle
General Manager Europe, Playvox

Lauren Comer, Senior Product Marketing Manager Mindtickle

Lauren Comer
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mindtickle

Getting new salespeople up to speed quickly and effectively can truly differentiate successful organizations from less productive ones.

The first months after a new sales representative is hired are the most critical to their retention, performance, and long-term success, so the onboarding process has to be done right.

But how do you train sales professionals who can work independently and also reach their targets together as a team? In this webinar, you will learn how to design  a quick and effective onboarding process and what tools can help you achieve these results.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Onboarding processes in a post-pandemic scenario
  • Steps to create an onboarding process that encourages sales reps to be independent and efficient
  • Role-based onboarding strategies
  • The most important tools you need for successful onboarding: onboarding platforms, reporting, scoring systems and the like

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