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Choose how to use CloudTalk contact center. CloudTalk provides all the apps you may need, so you can choose what works best for your business.

CloudTalk Call center apps
CloudTalk Phone for Desktop

CloudTalk Phone for Desktop

Make and receive calls using our awesome desktop app. CloudTalk apps simplifies how you interact with your customers so you can focus on your business. Make your contact center more effective and productive.

CloudTalk Dashboard

Seamlessly setup your contact center from web browser in just 5 minutes. Integrate it easily with tools you already use. Manage all numbers, agents, call routings and other intelligent features in one place. Deliver exceptional customer support to your clients.

CloudTalk Call center Dashboard
CloudTalk Phone Go for call centers

CloudTalk Go mobile app


Stay connected with your customers and prospects while on the road. Both iOS and Android apps are available to download below.

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