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Streamlining call flows and increasing sales productivity is easy when you connect CloudTalk with Outreach. Save your sales representatives’ time by automatically logging calls and providing immediate access to prospect details.

With minimal hassle to slow them down, your team can improve the quality of inbound and outbound calls. And all of this can be set up within 2 minutes.

Get the most out of your outbound calls 

Using the Click-to-call feature on any contact numbers found within Outreach, you’re able to make an outbound call with zero delays. On top of that, adding call dispositions within Outreach can be done without leaving your screen. 

All caller details in one place 

Support your team’s efforts to lead meaningful conversations with current and potential clients. Give your agents the chance to see any inbound caller’s name and details within CloudTalk’s Insight Cards. The Card also includes a link to the prospect’s full profile in Outreach. And if the caller doesn’t yet have a record in Outreach, a new Prospect profile is automatically created. 

Eliminate manual data entry 

Save your team significant time and energy by automatically logging your calls under the Calls section. That includes all key call details, the nature of the call (inbound vs. outbound), whether it was answered or missed, and the CloudTalk line that was used. Comments about the call are also logged, accompanied by a link to the call recording. 

Simple setup process

It takes less than 2 minutes and zero skills to set up the Outreach + CloudTalk integration. Simply go to the CloudTalk dashboard, follow a few steps to authenticate CloudTalk, connect a CloudTalk number, connect Outreach… and you’re done.  


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