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Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation comes in handy especially when you wish to automate unnecessary tasks either inside of CloudTalk or within CloudTalk and different tools.

How can Workflow Automation streamline my daily workflows? 

Searching for ways to automate your daily workflows in your customer support and sales departments? Workflow Automation is an efficient way of streamlining business processes, especially in customer support and sales departments. When using this feature, various unnecessary tasks can be automated directly within CloudTalk. 

What’s more, this feature can help you connect different tools to CloudTalk in order to reduce the time spent on unnecessary repetitive tasks required of your sales or contact center agent. 

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The Workflow Automation feature also enables you to create customer-specific business process flows even when using several different platforms. 

Most-used Automation Scenarios:

  • Automatic follow-up via SMS after finished inbound/outbound calls with a specific tag; 
  • Slack message notification after receiving SMS;
  • Ticket created in the helpdesk system when the customer is not reached by an agent;
  • Speech-to-text transcription is logged into your CRM system after an agent finishes the inbound/outbound call with a customer or prospect;
  • SMS with follow-up sent automatically when a prospect or customer is not reached by an agent; 
  • Ticket created in the helpdesk system when there’s a missed call/voicemail in your contact center;
  • Exported call details into the chosen system (CRM, helpdesk, eCommerce, communication, BI, etc.);
  • And many more scenarios.

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Triggering events contain all relevant data about the triggering objects, allowing you to utilize them in your workflows.

Your Automation Scenarios can be triggered by:

  • Ended inbound or outbound calls; 
  • Created / updated / deleted contacts;
  • Created / updated / deleted agent;
  • Sent or received SMS; 
  • Call recording processed and uploaded; 
  • Speech-to-text transcription created.
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Your Automation Scenarios can trigger actions in CloudTalk or other tools. These actions include:

  • Send any API request (e.g., create a ticket in your ticketing system, export call to a BI tool, etc.);
  • Send SMS;
  • Send a Slack message;
  • Transcribe a call recording and store the transcription in your CRM.

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