International Numbers

Reach 160+ new markets and improve your pick-up rates by calling like a local anywhere in the world. Access the largest global coverage in the market, starting at just 6 USD/EUR.

Call like a local.

Global Reach

Access the largest global coverage on the market with 160+ international numbers.

Local Identity

Improve pick-up rates by equipping your sales team with local numbers to build trust.


Avoid expensive international charges by calling for free or at cost-efficient local rates.

Reach your global growth potential

International numbers allow you to conduct business in a foreign country as if you were a local. They can drastically reduce costs related to international telephony because they allow you to avoid extremely high international calling fees. VoIP services let you operate with a virtually unlimited amount of international numbers for countries all across the world – something integral to the global growth of any business.

Turn your CloudTalk into a much larger and powerful tool

Expand your business toolstack with a business calling software that can be easily integrated into your existing CRMs, ecommerce or helpdesk tools, like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and dozens more.

Have questions?

How can I set up a virtual phone number?

Once you’ve signed up for a CloudTalk account, you can request a virtual number via our Dashboard.

Just click on the “Numbers” tab, click “Buy a number” and our team will get you sorted with your new number in short order.

Note: Some countries have more stringent requirements than others. For a complete list of number acquisition requirements from the countries we offer, please refer to our dedicated help center article regarding this topic.

How much does a virtual phone number cost?

Pricing for local, national, mobile and toll-free numbers is variable and dependent upon the country for which you’re requesting a number. Prices start as low as $6 in most cases, but we recommend reaching out to a CloudTalk Numbers Allotment specialist for more specific pricing information about your target country.

How do you dial an international phone number?

To dial an international number, simply key in the country code, followed by your regional prefix and the remainder of your number. 

How long does it take to get a virtual phone number?

Our team is dedicated to getting you set up with your virtual number as soon as possible. Processing time is usually under 8 hours, but if your order requires proof of address or there are other local requirements it may take up to 48 hours to receive your number (for most countries and number types).

What is Number Portability?

International phone numbers can be ported to CloudTalk, i.e. geographic, national or mobile numbers. For more information about porting numbers to CloudTalk, please read this article.

How do I get an international phone number?

You can get an international phone number in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose a cloud telephony service platform.
2. Select a number from the country of your choice.
3. Purchase the number.

What is the international format for phone numbers?

A phone number in full E. 164 format includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number.

What are the benefits of international phone numbers?

Read about the benefits of international phone numbers from CloudTalk in this overview, and learn how to get your number.

1. International phone numbers are readily available.
2. Virtual phone numbers cost far less than a standard landline.
3. There are no additional charges for international calls.
4. They help with building a worldwide presence, even for a smaller business.
5. You can pick as many numbers as needed.
6. Virtual phone systems offer multiple features.

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