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International Numbers In 160+ Countries Worldwide

Look like a local from virtually anywhere in the world with an international phone number from CloudTalk. 

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What are international numbers?

International numbers allow you to conduct business in a foreign country as if you were a local. They can drastically reduce costs related to international telephony because they allow you to avoid extremely high international calling fees. VoIP services lets you operate with a virtually unlimited amount of international numbers for countries all across the world — something integral to the global growth of any business. 

What’s Unique About an International Number? 

Optimize your call center workflow with call statistics 

CloudTalk also allows you to filter call statistics by phone number. This is especially helpful once you start working with your international phone number. Every location is different, so being able to analyze statistics like average call handle time and first call resolution for a given phone number will help you optimize your workflow for that particular region and improve agent performance overall.

Set the hours that you are reachable

CloudTalk lets you easily set business hours for your international phone numbers, so it’s always clear to your customers when they can and can’t reach you. Giving customers a good understanding of your availability before they pick up the phone is an important safeguard against potential frustrations.

Impress your local customers with personalized customer greetings

CloudTalk’s personalized greeting tool lets you pre-record greeting messages for customers who call during off-hours. For companies looking to establish a local presence, this presents a golden opportunity to record a message that will feel familiar to your local customers.

Receive cheaper international calls

Once you’ve built relationships with customers in a specific country, you’ll want to be able to field their calls without having to pay high international calling rates.With a local number from CloudTalk, you’ll say goodbye to exorbitant international calling fees and hello to savings. It’s the global expansion that won’t break the bank.

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What is an international phone number?

An international phone number is a phone number that has a particular country code attached to it. International phone numbers allow businesses to contact customers from different countries, even if they have different dialing protocols. International numbers can be local, national, mobile, or toll-free.

Check out our country coverage page to find out where you can get your international number and how the acquisition process works.

How do you dial and text an international phone number?

You can call or text numbers in any country. Text messages can be sent internationally due to agreements made between cellular phone carriers to handle each other’s messaging traffic. First, determine the international country code for the cell phone you wish to text. If the country code is omitted from the phone number, add it as a prefix to the number you are texting. Contact your carrier for details if you are not sure which applies to your network.

You can route numbers by country using the call flow feature, which uses a sorting algorithm to send customer calls to the proper team of agents.

What is the international format for phone numbers?

A phone number in full international format includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number

How do I get an international phone number?

You can get an international phone number in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose a Cloud telephony service platform
2. Select a number from the country of your choice
3. Purchase the number

What are the benefits of international phone numbers?

1. International phone numbers are readily available
2. Virtual phone numbers cost far less than a standard landline
3. There are no charges for international calls
4. It helps with building a worldwide presence, even for a smaller business
5. You can pick as many numbers as needed
6. Virtual phone systems offer multiple features

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