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Integrate Freshworks CRM With Our Smart Phone System

Improve your call workflows and accelerate your growth. Empower your customer facing team with Freshworks CRM and CloudTalk integration.

Spend a valuable time on selling, instead of doing the mundane tasks. It has never been easier to make your virtual phone system a seamless part of your business platforms. 

Streamline all your communication with two-way synchronization and automated workflows. 

Know who is calling before picking up the phone

No more switching between two platforms. Freshworks CRM and CloudTalk integration display the caller’s history and contact details instantly. A 2-way synchronization ensures you always have up-to-date information in both systems. Therefore, you can focus on personalizing an engagement with your prospects and clients.

Integration overview 

  • See all of call information in Freshworks CRM Call Activity (contact details, notes, tags) 
  • 2-way synchronization equip you with 360° view of customers interactions
  • Quickly access the caller’s information and history stored in Freshworks CRM
  • Initiate calls easily from Freshworks CRM, with click-to-call feature 
  • Advanced tools like Smart Dialer allow you to streamline your daily workflows. From a Freshworks CRM account, you can  automatically call a list of numbers with a single click 

Setting up the integration 

In just a few clicks, your Freshworks CRM and CloudTalk integration will be ready to go. No IT experts needed. 

  • Make sure you’re on an Essential, Expert, or Custom CloudTalk plan
  • In Freshworks CRM, find and copy your API key (Profile icon → Settings → Api Settings → Your Api Key)
  • Go to the CloudTalk dashboard
  • Proceed to Account → Integrations
  • In the Integration section, find Freshworks CRM and click + Add
  • Within the Workflow Settings section, click New Authentication
  • Enter your Freshworks CRM domain & API Key, and click Create
  • Finally, click on the Save button to activate the integration