Boost sales with the Best VoIP Service for Salesforce teams

Integrate Salesforce with CloudTalk and get a modern call center inside your favorite CRM. Convert more deals with smart, automated dialing and handle incoming queries with ease.

Access all your calls, notes, contacts, recordings, and tags with 2-Way real-time synchronization

With Click-to-Call all numbers are converted into a clickable format from which you can easily initiate calls

Handle calls without ever leaving Salesforce. A Call widget is embedded in your Salesforce interface

CloudTalk’s smart and customizable analytics give you insight into your agents’ performance.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM that helps sales teams everywhere streamline their processes and close more deals. By integrating it with CloudTalk, you can further accelerate your company’s growth. 


Click To Call small

Click-to-call from Salesforce

You can use CloudTalk to make outbound calls either one-by-one or by adding multiple numbers to your calling queue. Just click on a number that you’ve saved in your Salesforce account, and the in-app dialer will automatically dial the number for you.

Two-way synchronization 

Automatic data synchronization in both systems means that you always have access to up-to-date data. Call tasks and cases are created as soon as calls begin and agents can update the custom fields in Salesforce while calls are in progress to evaluate the customer’s mood or the call quality. Adding this information to Salesforce during the call saves you the trouble of doing it later. 

Make and receive calls without ever leaving Salesforce

Make and receive calls directly from the Salesforce interface using Salesforce CTI. With the built-in CloudTalk phone feature, you don’t need to leave Salesforce in order to initiate or receive calls. 

Your workflows automated and more efficient than ever

Workflow Automation is an efficient and customizable way of streamlining business processes, especially in sales departments. This feature helps you connect different tools to CloudTalk in order to reduce the time spent on unnecessary repetitive tasks required of your sales or contact center agents. 

CloudTalk + Salesforce = Success

Both CloudTalk and Salesforce are market front-runners in their respective categories. By combining CloudTalk’s comprehensive call center software with Salesforce’s top-of-the-line CRM system, you can ensure your customers receive quality service via smooth VoIP connections and all your interactions stay logged.

All you need to do is add the integration into your CloudTalk account.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

CloudTalk is very easy to set up and use. I liked that they could provide us with local phone numbers in countries where other vendors couldn’t

Miguel Harari
Salesforce Appexchanges


What is the Salesforce phone integration and how does it work?

The Salesforce phone integration helps businesses streamline their processes by enabling the seamless flow of information. With Salesforce + CloudTalk, you can easily manage customer databases and shared contacts as they’re shared among multiple business processes that run across multiple systems. It provides users with the right combination of automation and personalization for their customers.

What are some benefits of the Salesforce + CloudTalk Integration?

By Integrating Salesforce with CloudTalk get a modern call center inside your favorite CRM. Here are 7 advantages of Salesforce + Cloudtalk phone integration:
1. Make and receive calls
2. Manage calls and use smart dialer
3. Manage missed calls and voicemails 
4. Use 2-way real time synchronization 
5. Use clickable format of all numbers
6. Monitor metrics
7. Get access to recordings 

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