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From your everyday spending to planning for your future with savings and investments, Revolut is a better way to handle your money.


Revolut is building the world’s first truly global financial super app. In 2015, Revolut launched in the UK offering money transfers and exchanges. Today, customers from around the world use dozens of Revolut’s innovative products to make millions of transactions per month.

Across their personal and business accounts, Revolut helps customers improve their financial health, gives them more control, and seamlessly connects people across the world. In order to boost the company’s performance and grow a successful global business, the Revolut team realized that they needed to improve their safety standards, efficiency, reliability, as well as streamline work processes at all levels of the company. It was a sizable challenge, but Revolut proved more than capable of meeting it.


As Revolut’s services gained notoriety across more and more parts of the world, the need to expand their sales team became ever more clear. They went global, bringing on a diverse group of sales development representatives (SDRs) from across Europe and then the world. Training and scaling a team of SDRs is always a challenge, and while Revolut has rapidly scaled their inbound SDR team from 0 to 500+ sales reps in 18 months, finding a single tool that could provide their fast-growing pool of SDRs everything they needed to be successful was a must.

Having a great SDR team is indispensable, but it’s just a start. The bigger challenge that Revolut had to confront was a smooth approach to a new market and target audience that may not have heard about Revolut’s service. To achieve this, they had to make sure their sales team knew about actionable insights from the CRM such as win/loss analysis, campaigns/outreach, and data lists.

This process often requires a multichannel strategy and a fast, reliable, secure, integrated VOIP system to work with. And although there are many cloud contact center providers on the market, finding one that could handle and cover all their requirements across several teams was crucial.

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Enter CloudTalk

Revolut initially used a different VoIP system, but the fundamental problem with its previous provider was a lack of single sign-on and a way to oversee agent and caller activities. That was a significant obstacle for a company that serves more than 15 million customers worldwide.

Another reason Revolut ultimately changed their VoIP provider was expansion to the United States in 2020. This was a massive step towards their goal of becoming the world’s first truly global bank. It also crystalised the need to have not just a smart contact system provider but also a secure one. Fortunately, CloudTalk came into the picture at just the right time and ensured that all of Revolut’s needs were met.

Key requirements for telephony software:

  • Secure solution provider: For companies like Revolut, security and compliance are top priorities. Nowadays being GDPR compliant is not an advantage but a matter of course. At CloudTalk, we’ve built our product according to the highest security standards to keep all communication and data safe. Our team follows recommendations established by security standards ISO 27001/27002, PCI/DSS and the OWASP security project. Revolut appreciates that our security team monitors potential security threats 24/7 and promptly proposes appropriate security patches.
  • Penetration testing: Revolut needed a provider who had their penetration testing done. CloudTalk undergoes regular penetration testing conducted by an independent, 3rd-party security company. Outcomes of penetration testing are used to set mitigation and remediation priorities.
  • Single Sign-on with Google: In order to improve security level and enable easier management, having a SSO was a necessity for Revolut’s sales team. We are aware that companies want to make the process of signing up to various apps more convenient and secure for their employees. That is why we allow our clients to sign up to CloudTalk’s dashboard and desktop app with Google account credentials.
  • Excellent, real time support: Having a great customer service team that can quickly provide accurate information is fundamental in today’s fast-paced market. CloudTalk’s team is second-to-none in this respect — we’re there for Revolut whenever they need us.
  • Advanced integration with Hubspot: Revolut’s SDR team conducts hundreds of operations per second and that requires a phone system with fast and reliable Hubspot integration. That way, extraneous contacts are not created, calls are linked to appropriate contacts and there is an ability to edit or add contact details during calls.
  • Easy management of new agents: The ability to modify agent information anytime based on evolving business needs is a real benefit to Revolut’s fast growing sales team. With the Agent Reporting feature, it’s possible to closely monitor both agent and team performance. This feature allows Revolut to improve agent management and identify top agents, as well as those in need of more training.
  • Ability to store recordings in a separate AWS bucket: CloudTalk offers advanced flexibility when it comes to the storage of data. All data for all customers is stored within Amazon Web Service. This is a must have for bigger companies as AWS is the largest and one of the most secure cloud storage providers.
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Thanks to CloudTalk’s reliability, Revolut could improve upon its sales teams’ already high standards of performance and close more deals than they could have ever imagined. Today, Revolut conducts business from Europe through the Americas to Asia-Pacific, and our call center is proud to be a part of all of it. Ever since Revolut implemented CloudTalk in its strategy, all processes in the company have been much more efficient.

CloudTalk has dramatically increased Revolut’s control over its inbound and outbound calling operations. Every aspect of a sales agent’s work can be monitored and tracked in an effort to improve performance. As a result, Revolut reduced sales operations by 40 hours per month. Cloudtalk helps reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and eliminate busy work so the Revolut team can fire on all cylinders.

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Essential CloudTalk benefits

  • Real-time dashboard: CloudTalk’s real-time dashboard feature allows Revolut to track their KPIs and improve performance in a timely manner. Our real-time dashboard is an excellent tool for managing their sales team — they always know exactly where to focus their energy in order to provide top-notch service to their callers.
  • Smart dialer: Revolut was looking for ways to more efficiently contact their clients and prospects. CloudTalk’s smart dialer feature automatically scans the content of a specific website and looks for phone numbers, which are then automatically added to agents’ calling queue with a single click. And our smart dialer doesn’t just scan standard websites, it also works with Hubspot CRM, helpdesk or any content opened in a browser where phone numbers are present.
  • Call monitoring: Gathering important insights into customers’ needs and making informed business decisions anywhere and anytime — it’s all a breeze with CloudTalk’s call monitoring feature. From now on, Revolut can listen to calls without interrupting their agent/caller, whisper additional information to the agent if needed (caller can’t hear them), or drop in on live calls to interact with both the caller and the agent.
  • Call tagging: Sales teams find call tagging very valuable. They’re able to assign each call a self-made tag (e.g. feature request, lead, product question, follow-up required). This kind of labeling sorts calls into categories, giving agents a quick and easy-to-understand overview of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Internal calls/ Extensions: Agent management is very easy with CloudTalk. Each user, agent, caller queue or department has their own personalized number or extension. This can be used for making calls within the company or transferring customer calls to another agent. Revolut seamlessly uses both options.
  • International phone numbers: CloudTalk makes growing a global business easier than ever before. Revolut is using more than 193 phone numbers from across the globe. Thanks to this feature, Revolut can provide their clients with services from familiar numbers, increase sales and reduce the cost of conducting business across regions.
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Jamie Devlin

Head of Operations for Revolut Business Sales

Jamie is Head of Operations for Revolut Business Sales, where he has worked since 2017. Jamie began his career at Bain and Company, where he worked all over the world for 5 years. He was educated at Oxford University and INSEAD

Revolut team’s favorite features

  • Real-time customer card: Sales agents can see all caller information displayed in one place. During the phone call (or even before the phone is picked up), they can instantly look at the client’s history of interactions, orders, chat or notes. This allows them to deliver outstanding service.
  • Personalized greetings and music: The first interaction with clients is the most important one. Especially when it comes to potential customers that you can’t afford to lose. With CloudTalk, Revolut creates personalized greetings played to the caller based on specific situations (leave a voicemail, outside business hours, on-hold, etc.). This is a huge help in maintaining client satisfaction.
  • Voicemail Drop: Revolut’s sales reps make almost 2,000 outbound calls daily, but some of those calls only reach voicemail. In order to save time and not repeat the same phrase over and over again, they take advantage of CloudTalk’s Voicemail Drop feature. Once the rep reaches voicemail, he or she can select a message from a list of premade recordings. This pre-recorded message will then play automatically, allowing agents to move on to the next call much faster.
  • Callback: Do you want to give your customers a chance to reach you without a lengthy waiting period? Say no more. CloudTalk’s Callback feature significantly reduces call abandonment rates and boosts customer satisfaction. Revolut gave their customers the ability to opt-out of their queue and be called back later instead — a feature customers loved because it showed that Revolut valued their time.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

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