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Cut the time your agents spend on the phone with flexible calling software for small businesses and fully focus on developing your operations.

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Grow Revenue With Automation

Save time on repetitive tasks and invest it into what brings real value – retaining your customer base, generating new business, and growing revenue. Automate call flows, help customers to reach you more conveniently, boost the efficiency of your sales campaigns, and more.

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Save on Equipment

With cloud-based calling software, you don’t have to purchase equipment and pay for its maintenance. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a pair of headphones. You can also save on facilities. Our software lets you work from wherever you want. No need for an office space.

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Nail a Code-free Setup

Set CloudTalk up by yourself, with no need for an in-person consultation. Avoid installing hardware, forget coding, and reduce IT support costs by 15%. Start calling in minutes via a web browser, a desktop application, or a mobile app with our user-friendly VoIP solution.

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Quickly Access All Data

Connect our calling software with your favorite tools and bring order to your processes. Choose from 35+ industry-leading integrations such as HubSpot, automatically sync data with CloudTalk, and have all information in the palm of your hand. Avoid switching between platforms.

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Appeal To Customers With Next-Gen Features

Improve your customer retention and deal generation. Our next-gen features help you provide better, more efficient services.

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Why Small Business Leaders 💙 CloudTalk

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“Thanks to CloudTalk, we can offer our services globally without unnecessary additional fees. Each agent has their own number, which allows easy and fast communication with clients. We have aquired 60+ international numbers. CloudTalk is a daily help for CoachHub’s support, sales, finance and HR teams.

Michael Zeitlin

Team Lead, Global Revenue
Operations at CoachHub

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CloudTalk takes real-life client issues into consideration, and it’s well-equipped to tackle even the most particular requirements. Our team’s efficiency and costs have improved drastically: the onboarding of couriers is now practically fully automated.

Yohann Bensadoun

Global Head of Ops Solutions
at Glovo

Thomas Finan - Head of Customer Service at FINOM
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With CloudTalk’s integrations, we were able to radically improve our efficiency: the time it took agents to prepare for their next call dropped from 60 to 7 seconds. That really matters when you are making more than thousands calls per month.

Thomas Finan

Head of Customer Service at FINOM


What is a business communication system?

A business communication system is a tool for sharing information with your employees or customers. Email and phone are examples of such tools, but there are many others, including a VoIP calling software.

Which phone system is best for small businesses?

Choosing the best phone system for your small business depends on various factors such as budget, scalability, and specific business needs. CloudTalk offers flexible calling software, designed with small businesses in mind. With its flexible pricing plans, seamless integration capabilities, and advanced communication features, CloudTalk empowers small businesses to enhance customer service, improve team collaboration, and streamline their processes.

How do you set up CloudTalk – a small business phone system?

Setting up CloudTalk is a simple and straightforward process. First, sign up for your account. Then, optimize the software to fit your specific business needs. Choose your desired phone numbers, set up call routing and forwarding rules, configure your communication preferences, and more. 

CloudTalk provides intuitive setup guides and tutorials to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

How much does a communication system for a small business cost?

The CloudTalk pricing for small businesses varies from $25 per user/month (billed annually) to $50 per user/month (billed annually). We also offer a custom plan. Not sure which is the best choice for your business? Book a demo call with us or subscribe to a 14-day free trial with no hidden fees. Also, check out how you can reduce your VoIP-related costs.

How can small businesses improve communication?

To improve communication in your small business, you need clear, concise, accurate messaging within your company, as well as the right tools to efficiently accomplish your goals. An advanced VoIP phone system can be a good start.

What are the benefits of business communication systems?

The right business communication system for your organization should be able to help you avoid roadblocks. Inadequate communication may result in internal company issues, like inefficiency or misunderstandings. What’s worse, it can upset your customers.


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