Skill-Based Routing

Improve inbound calling by routing customers to the best possible agent. This feature also reprioritizes your group ringing strategy so that callers ring the most skilled agent first.

It’s a match!

Custom Skills

Create an infinite number of custom skills within CloudTalk to assign to your agents.

Group Specs

Assign skills per agent or per group and create the perfect conditions to optimize call routing.

First Try

Get call routing right on the first try and eliminate customer frustration from multiple transfers.

Turn your CloudTalk into a much larger and powerful tool

Expand your business toolstack with a business calling software that can be easily integrated into your existing CRMs, ecommerce or helpdesk tools, like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and dozens more.

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What is skill-based routing?

Skill-based routing is an excellent part of customer service strategy that routes incoming customer calls or requests to agents or departments best equipped to meet their needs quickly and efficiently.

How does skill-based routing work?

When a customer makes a call or sends a request, the system assesses their inquiry and assigns it to a specific agent or department based on their qualifications and experience. For example, a customer may be routed to an agent fluent in Spanish if their inquiry is in Spanish.

What are the benefits of skill-based routing?

Skill-based routing helps you improve customer service, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Furthermore, it can help reduce wait times, connect customers with the most qualified agents, and reduce the number of transfers needed to get to the right person.

When should a company consider using skill-based routing?

You should consider using skills-based routing to ensure that customer service calls are routed to the task’s best-suited agent. This type of routing allows a company to match callers to agents based on their skills, knowledge, and experience, resulting in more efficient customer service and improved customer satisfaction.

How does omnichannel routing improve customer experience?

Omni-channel routing is a customer service strategy that provides customers with a consistent, seamless experience when interacting with a brand across all its channels. It leverages multiple customer service channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media, to ensure customers can access assistance quickly and easily, regardless of their favorite communication method.

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