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Leverage our 2-way synchronization and Click-to-Call feature by connecting CloudTalk with Zoho CRM. Only 3-click Zoho+CloudTalk integration will help you boost your sales results and increase your team efficiency.

cloudtalk integration for zoho crm

Zoho CRM integration for CloudTalk

Integrate the power of CloudTalk’s virtual phone system with Zoho CRM and add call center features to your business CRM. CloudTalk offers virtual phone numbers (160+ countries), system integration with 25+ popular tools, and  & 100+ advanced call center features like a click-to-call feature, call recordings, smart dialer, and much more.

Quick feature overview:

  • 2-way Real-time synchronization (Calls, Notes, Contacts, Recordings, Tags)
  • Sync is done for both Deals and Contacts
  • Click-to-Call – hover over Zoho CRM contacts and easily initiate calls
  • Access recordings without ever leaving Zoho CRM
  • Synchronize the SMS into your Zoho CRM 
  • See caller’s Zoho CRM details before picking up the call

Video: Zoho CRM + CloudTalk Demo

Advanced features:

  • Settings of call logging – In settings, you can pick which calls should or shouldn’t be logged in to your Zoho CRM.
  • Thanks to the Click-to-Call feature, your team members don’t need to manually type the phone numbers.
  • Smart dialer automatically compiles a list of numbers from Zoho and lets you automatically call through them with a single click.
  • Categories your inbound and outbound calls with thanks to tags, notes and ratings.
  • Call center statistics and real-time dashboard allows you to regularly check all the important insights directly in CloudTalk.

Synchronize SMS to your Zoho 

To have a complex overview of the communication, you can synchronize SMS messages sent from CloudTalk to your Zoho CRM account. After this sync is activated, CloudTalk will simply synchronize the SMSs to your account, so you won’t miss any important information.

Automate your daily workflows

The Workflow Automation feature enables you to create customer-specific business process flows using when using Cloudtalk or using several different platforms. Workflow Automation is an efficient way of streamlining business processes, especially in your sales departments.

The most suitable scenarios for Zoho CRM users: 

  • Speech-to-text transcription is logged into your CRM system after an agent finishes the inbound/outbound call with a customer or prospect; 
  • SMS with follow-up sent automatically when a prospect or customer is not reached by an agent; 
  • And many more scenarios.

Integration Zoho + CloudTalk is ready within seconds

Set up this useful integration is really simple and quick — and fortunately, it doesn’t require IT skills. All your data will be synchronized within several minutes in just a few clicks.

How to setup CloudTalk + Zoho integration

  • Log in to CloudTalk Dashboard account here.
  • Click on Account -> Integrations in the left sidebar menu.
  • Select Zoho integration and click on the +Add button to install the integration.
  • Select the Zoho data center domain.
  • You will get redirected to the Zoho log-in page, where you need to log into your account. Review the permissions and authorize CloudTalk to access your data.
  • After successful login, you will be redirected back to CloudTalk Dashboard.
  • Once you have completed these quick steps, your integration is ready. Now you can customize your integration according to your business needs.
  • Finally, click on the Save button to activate the integration.
  • See the full version of the Zoho + CloudTalk integration set up in our help article.

Video Guide: How to setup CloudTalk + Zoho integration

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