Connect With Your Customers at Scale

Accelerate your growth potential with CloudTalk. Make meaningful connections with customers at scale, experience effortless scalability and unwavering reliability, and propel your business to new heights.

Benefits That Move the Needle

Easily access relevant details when you need them with Real-time Customer Cards

Initiate calls with a single click by hovering over your Zoho CRM contacts

Access recordings without ever leaving the Zoho interface

Perosnalized Greetings

Anticipate your callers’ needs by reviewing their case before picking up the phone

How You Can Benefit From the Zoho CRM Integration

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Automate Your Daily Workflows

Efficiently streamline business processes on Zoho CRM. You can create customer-specific business process flows that will help you identify and solve customer issues quickly, greatly increasing First Call Resolution (FCR) rate.

Synchronize SMS to Your CRM

Never miss out on any important information by synchronizing SMS between platforms. Message notifications from Zoho will pop up directly in your CloudTalk interface, so you’ll never lose track of customers’ requests.


Migrate from Spreadsheets Effortlessly

Migrate valuable data quickly and accurately. Zoho CRM automatically populates your spreadsheets with all of the relevant information sourced from CloudTalk. Start making calls right away.

Learn From Reports, Insights, and Analytics

Access in-depth analytics about your contact center, and make better decisions faster. Keep an eye on your sales cycle at all times, and create presentable reports with goal-based metrics.


Work More Efficiently with the CloudTalk + Zoho CRM Integration

Integrate CloudTalk’s virtual phone system and add call center features to your business CRM.

CloudTalk offers virtual phone numbers (160+ countries), integration with 35+ popular apps, and 70+ advanced call center features like a click-to-call, call recordings, smart dialer, and many more.


What is the Zoho CRM integration?

Zoho CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you identify, analyze, and
manage your business strategy.

How does the CloudTalk + Zoho CRM integration work?

You can simply log into your CloudTalk account and select the out-of-the-box Zoho CRM integration from our list of app integrations. A few clicks and you’re good to go! Integrate the power of CloudTalk’s virtual phone system and add call center features to your business CRM.

How can Zoho CRM benefit your business?

Some of Zoho CRM’s benefits include:

– Boosts sales– Has a user-friendly interface
– Offers an easy and fast migration from spreadsheets and other CRMs
– Integrates with hundreds of third-party apps
– Enables omni channel communication
– Automates tasks to save time and costs
– Provides access to reports and analytics

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