Missed Calls

Understand the real reasons behind missed calls. Learn when and why a missed call happened, what your agents were doing at the time and if your team has called back since.

Stay in the loop.

Smart Detection

Automatically eliminate irrelevant data by filtering out callbacks from your missed call analytics.

Call Log

Estimate the number of incoming calls after hours or track down specific missed calls.

Looking In

Understand if your agents were busy, unavailable, and why they were unable to pick up the phone.

Turn your CloudTalk into a much larger and powerful tool

Expand your business toolstack with a business calling software that can be easily integrated into your existing CRMs, ecommerce or helpdesk tools, like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and dozens more.

Have questions?

How do I track missed calls?

Call tracking goes beyond the simple capabilities of caller ID. It is a technology that allows you to gain in-depth information about each individual person who calls your business, including how they found your number in the first place. But maybe more important is to know why your calls were missed. 

Was the agent busy? Or did someone just hang up? Was the person redirected to the proper department? You can find out all the causes and reasons with CloudTalks’ missed calls app.

What is a missed call solution?

A missed call solution aids businesses in calling back their customers who gave missed calls on their business numbers. The call is processed via auto-dialer, connecting the target audience with either an automated IVR message, a voice bot, or a live agent.

What are lost calls?

Lost call’ is an umbrella term that refers to any call that gets disconnected before the caller would reach the agent or another answering service. A lost call can happen on purpose (one of the parties hang up) or involuntarily (due to limited capacity or a technical error).

How to respond to a missed call?

The way you handle, missed calls may give out the first impression. That’s why you need to learn proper business phone etiquette for handling missed calls. If you missed a call, be thoughtful to respond as soon as possible with a brief explanation of why you were unable to answer the phone with a proper apology.

These are some of the protocols and standard words that are commonly used in various aspects of social life.

– Start by apologizing earnestly.
– Give proper reasons if necessary
– Begin to address their issues.
– Let them know you will call back later
– Give alternative ways or ideal times to communicate

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