Get Limitless Insights on Customer Interactions With Gong

Integrate CloudTalk with Gong to save customer interactions, sync call details, analyze sales, estimate churn risks and gain insights on every conversation.

Get local or toll-free numbers from 160+ countries

Listen to recorded calls and review their transcripts in platform

See CloudTalk calls as activities in platform

 How You Can Benefit From the Gong Integration

Automatically Record and Transcribe Every Call

Gong allows you to record both inbound and outbound conversations (with your customer’s consent), so your customer interactions are never lost. Keep your priceless data saved and come back to it anytime you need. Learn how your customers interact with your business and discover which strategies sell and which don’t.

Have all the Data Right at Your Fingertips

By transcribing and storing all sales conversations, Gong ensures that you have all information you need at your disposal. Looking for specific data? Use keywords and find it in seconds. Want to check on an agents’ progress? Simply browse through their past conversations.

Let Your Best Performers Inspire Others

Gong helps you identify your top reps and their strengths, allowing your team to learn from one another. For instance, if certain sales representatives stand out because of their talk-to-listen ratio, perhaps it means that they’re asking the right questions. Gong lets you share these tips with the rest of the team, leading to overall improvements.


Become a Stellar Coach

Don’t simply settle for a good enough service. Aim for the best. With Gong’s integration, you can train your reps to be at the top of their field. Listening to their calls helps you identify patterns in their communication and, consequently, allows you to tailor a personalized training plan based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

CloudTalk + Gong = Success

Pair Gong with CloudTalk for a better understanding of your customers, deals, teams and market, allowing you to evaluate risks and opportunities across your business more effectively.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

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“CloudTalk is a huge step forward for our company. It changed the way we interact with our clients. It is especially handy because of the integration with other apps on the market.”

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What is a Gong Integration, and how to use it?

Gong integration records, transcribes, and analyzes your team’s conversations with customers. Integrating CloudTalk and Gong is simple. Just connect our dashboard with the Gong extension to start using it.

How does Gong+CloudTalk integration work + 3 Benefits

With Gong + CloudTalk integration, all of your CloudTalk outbound and inbound calls, as well as voicemails, will be automatically sent to Gong. You can gather and analyze call recordings, get organized transcripts and insides about customer interactions. 

Key benefits of Gong + CloudTalk integration:

1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your reps
2. Help your business succeed by getting insides about customers
3. Have all transcripts and recordings stored at one place

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