Turn interactions
into insights.

Revenue decisions powered by the deepest understanding of sales conversations and the most accurate AI models.

CloudTalk’s integration with Gong lets you…

Integrated Data

Captures data across your tech stack for unprecedented visibility over teams, deals and pipeline.

Innovative AI

Turn AI-backed insights relevant for your business into winning plays, deal risks and best steps.

Comprehensive Visibility

See a unified view of customer interactions and market dynamics for optimal performance.

Integrate Gong with ease

Stay ahead

Understand how successful deals work and replicate it for your organization. See call recordings as part of each deal’s interactions and match contacts to the CRM info in Gong via email or phone number.

Optimal feedback

Use Gong’s keyword search to understand patterns in call recordings and provide your team with actionable feedback. Get emailed about key sales cycle metrics when they’re covered in calls or other recorded meetings.

AI-powered training

Access call recordings or transcriptions to identify challenges or how to overcome objections. Gong’s AI-driven training tools help you improve talk time, monologuing time and how to improve meeting success rates.


What is the Gong app used for?

Gong is a B2B sales tool that boosts revenue intelligence. It lights up your sales team’s talks by recording, transcribing, and analyzing all sales calls. This platform helps your team enhance sales effectiveness and, in the end, seal more deals.

How does Gong work if you already record calls?

If you’re currently recording your calls using your phone system, dialer, or another method, simply integrate Gong with that platform. This will enable the automatic importation of all call recordings into the Gong platform, where they undergo transcription, analysis, and storage.

How secure are my recordings and data with Gong?

Your recordings and data on Gong are very safe. Gong prioritizes security by following SOC2 Type II, EU Privacy Shield, and upcoming GDPR standards. All data, including recordings and transcripts, is stored securely in encrypted form at Amazon data centers. This ensures strong protection whether the data is at rest or in transit.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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