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A Single-Click Solution for Call Center Efficiency

Revolutionize the way you connect to your customers and prospects with CloudTalk’s Smart Dialer. Create single-click call queues from any website or CRM and watch your agents’ productivity soar.

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How The Smart Dialer Works

CloudTalk’s Smart Dialer lets you streamline your calling processes, lower call times by up to 50%, and eliminate repetitive tasks like manual dialing. It works with our Click-to-Call extension to scan websites and with your CRM or helpdesk tools to transform any phone numbers found into clickable links. These numbers can then be dialed or added to a call queue in CloudTalk in just a matter of clicks!

Why Is The Smart Dialer Unique?

Prospect Like a Pro

Instead of wasting your or your agents’ time on painfully repetitive tasks, let automation take care of them for you. The Smart Dialer allows you to skip the monotony and focus on what matters most – closing deals.


Customizable Call Queues

Order the contacts in your call queue via a simple drag-and-drop feature and set up buffer times between the individual calls or call attempts based on your preference.

No Downtime Necessary

If one of your contacts doesn’t pick up, the Smart Dialer automatically reschedules their call for a later time and dials the next prospect instead. 

Fuel Your Analytics

Add customizable tags before or after your calls to keep track of your team’s performance with CloudTalk’s smart analytics.

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We are happy with how quickly we were able to implement CloudTalk into our company. CloudTalk saves you a lot of time on repetitive tasks that you most likely hate.

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What is a Smart Dialer & why do you need it?

Smart dialers are a contact center software tool that allows agents to dial multiple calls at once with a single click until one is answered. They are a great way of boosting your call center efficiency and letting your employees focus on what they do best – talking with customers.

How do you use a Smart Dialer?

The only thing you need to start using a smart dialer is to install our click-to-call extension. Once the extension is active in your browser, it automatically scans the pages and platforms you’re browsing for phone numbers and lets you add them to your prospecting call queue.

How do you set up an Autodialer?

You can set up an Autodialer in CloudTalk in 5 easy steps:

1. Import contact via Integrations or import them from a file or Google Contacts

2. Add a Call Script or Survey

3. Set up a campaign

4. Start using the predictive dialer

5. Check the campaign statistics

What are the benefits of a Smart Dialer?

There are several benefits to using a Smart Dialer. Some of the most important include:

1. Cost-Effective

2. Reduced Call Reluctance

3. Improve Your Business Efficiency

4. Handle Outbound and Inbound Calls More Efficient

5. Lower Your Company’s Operational Costs

6. Improve Call Experience

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