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Integrate Freshdesk with your contact center software

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Integrate CloudTalk with your helpdesk tool. This will make your agents’ work more efficient and they will have more time to communicate with clients in a professional way.

All customer-related data from both systems can be automatically synchronized and always up-to-date. No matter whether you work in Freshdesk or CloudTalk, you will always find comprehensive customer data that will allow you to provide first-class customer support.

Integrate CloudTalk with Freshdesk for a first-class customer support

Freshdesk allows you to communicate with clients quickly and efficiently. However, in some situations, your clients prefer to call you and you need Freshdesk data before you pick up the phone. By integrating Freshdesk with CloudTalk,  you will be able to provide customers with excellent and personalized customer support.

Once you integrate the two systems, when a customer calls, you will see the following information in his Real-time Customer Card (which you can open even before you answer the call):

  • customer contact details (name, email, phone number, company, address, website, etc.)
  • call history, including call recordings
  • notes and comments
  • Freshdesk tickets
  • email and chat communication
  • various other activities related to Freshdesk and CloudTalk

Your agents will no longer have to switch between two systems and your contact center will become more efficient and faster.

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Two-way synchronization

Automatic synchronization allows you to see updated and complete customer data in both systems. 

CloudTalk will show you the customer’s history of Freshdesk tickets in their activity log. You can customize synchronization based on your business hours or specific phone numbers.

Freshdesk will display all data related to CloudTalk calls. A new Freshdesk ticket will be automatically created with each phone call, storing data such as:

  • customer’s phone number
  • date and time of the call
  • call duration
  • call recording

Contacts are automatically synchronized as well. If you create a new contact or update an existing one in Freshdesk, changes are automatically transferred to CloudTalk, and vice versa.

Boost your team productivity and save agents the time spent by manually entering data in two different systems.

Having access to customer-related data when you are on the phone is the key to a personalized approach.

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Integration is easy and quick

  • Integration is very easy and hassle-free, no programming is required
  • The only thing you need is your API key that you can find in Freshdesk interface (Profile Settings -> Your API key) and the URL of your Freshdesk account. CloudTalk will take care of the rest.
  • Within a few minutes, automatic data synchronization will start. Now you can start making your customer support more efficient.

Better experience for your customers

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