Nip issues in the bud.

Deliver personalized support quickly by managing and resolving tickets at scale, without scaling costs.

CloudTalk’s integration with Freshdesk lets you…

AI-Powered Service

Empower agents with trained generative AI that assists in realizing relevant resolutions every step of the way.

Task Automation

Assign tickets to the best person for the job based on keywords and maintain clear ownership.

Self-Help Center

Integrate your help center into your entire online presence and allow users to answer their questions faster.

Integrate Freshdesk with ease

From demo to support

CloudTalk connects to Freshsales, Freshdesk, and Freshservice so your sales, customer success and support teams can monitor every call in your reporting tools.

Thrive on tailored ticketing

Choose when and how CloudTalk automatically creates tickets to streamline individual teams’ workflows and maximize overall organizational efficiency.

From start to success

Maintain a complete overview of all your prospect/customer interactions across calls and SMS messages and create the ultimate personalized experience.


What is Freshdesk used for?

Freshdesk serves as a cloud-based solution tailored to elevate customer support. It enhances self-service capabilities and overall productivity for support teams by consolidating communication channels like messaging, chats, email, phone calls, social networks, and AI bots onto one platform.

Is Freshdesk a CRM?

Freshdesk functions as both a helpdesk system and a CRM solution, streamlining customer service processes for teams. This dual functionality ensures efficient and positive customer experiences.

Is Freshdesk really free?

Freshdesk is genuinely free with its forever-free plan, providing essential help desk features at no cost for up to 10 agents. In contrast to competitors, Freshdesk stands out by offering a lasting free option, ensuring businesses have access to fundamental capabilities for excellent customer support without any time limitations.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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