Text Messages (SMS)

Send cheap and personalized messages based on whatever triggers make sense for your business — from order confirmations to a thank you after you hang up the call.

The right message at the right time.

Follow Up

Set up workflows to automatically follow up with a SMS after you miss or finish a call.

Reusable Templates

Use pre-existing text message templates to save your agents’ time and stay on-brand.


Are SMS not enough to convey your message? Send MMS directly through CloudTalk as well!

How Cloud Texting Works

International numbers allow you to conduct business in a foreign country as if you were a local. They can drastically reduce costs related to international telephony because they allow you to avoid extremely high international calling fees. VoIP services let you operate with a virtually unlimited amount of international numbers for countries all across the world – something integral to the global growth of any business.

With CloudTalk’s Workflow Automation, you can focus on the important things: what your text messages say and when clients receive them. Workflow Automation takes care of the rest for you.

How To Set Up SMS?

Turn your CloudTalk into a much larger and powerful tool

Expand your business toolstack with a business calling software that can be easily integrated into your existing CRMs, ecommerce or helpdesk tools, like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and dozens more.

Have questions?

How does Cloud Texting work?

Cloud Texting is our cloud-based messaging platform, through which you can easily send text messages to your customers. It is quick to set up and easy to understand. When sending messages using the CloudTalk Phone App, you can create a brand new message or choose from a list of templates you’ve created.

How can I automate Cloud Texting? 

You can easily automate your software in the CloudTalk Dashboard. For example, you can create a new workflow and set an automatic follow-up SMS where necessary. You can also define triggers and configure what will happen after someone interacts with particular parts of your system.

Can I send texts to international numbers?

You sure can! With CloudTalk, you can send text messages internationally without any huge additional costs. Reaching your customers has never been easier. 

How can I send bulk text messages, both automated and international?

There are many services that allow you to send bulk text messages, often for a fee. These services typically provide a web-based interface or API that you can use to upload a list of phone numbers and send messages to all of them at once.

Sending international SMS messages requires using a service that supports international messaging. You may need to include the country code in the phone number, and some carriers may charge additional fees for international messaging.

Sending automated SMS messages typically requires using a service that provides an API or web-based interface for sending messages. You can set up automated messages to be sent based on specific triggers or events, such as a new user signing up for your service or a customer making a purchase.

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