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Delivering success for Glovo’s customer support team

Glovo is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app and uses CloudTalk to guarantee the efficiency and productivity of their customer support team.

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Glovo needed a business calling solution that could match its unique requirements, offering local phone numbers in every market it operated in and advanced calling features that could support the complexity of its operations.


CloudTalk offered Glovo local phone numbers in various countries, segment-based call campaigns with custom scripts, and Power Dialer, a tool that ultimately revolutionized the team’s calling campaigns and significantly improved efficiency.


In just three months, Glovo increased the volume of calls by 82%, reduced missed calls by 24%, and made more efficient use of their time, resulting in significant productivity gains and a streamlined operation.

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How CloudTalk helped Glovo deliver 82% more calls

Glovo, the Barcelona-based on-demand delivery app, has been revolutionizing the way people get what they need, whenever and wherever they need it, since 2014. Present in more than 22 countries and 250 cities, Glovo has quickly become one of the fastest-growing delivery players in Europe, Western Asia, and Africa making over 100M+ orders annually. 

To support its ambitious expansion plans and provide top-notch customer service, Glovo turned to CloudTalk’s next generation business calling software and its powerful Power Dialer

Finding the perfect package

Glovo’s success is built on its ability to provide excellent customer service. With a team of 220 agents spread across multiple countries, the company needed a business calling software that could guarantee their standards were being kept.

Glovo’s solution of choice had to be easy to use, offer local phone numbers in each of the company’s target markets, and provide the right toolkit of advanced calling features.

Among others, one of Glovo’s requirements was being able to create segment-based call campaigns with custom call scripts, in order to provide agents with contextual information and streamline communication between external agents and couriers without the need for additional tools. 

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Delivering right to Glovo’s door

CloudTalk proved to be the perfect solution for Glovo’s requirements, ticking all the boxes with its robust features and flexibility. The onboarding process was simple and easy, allowing Glovo to quickly add and onboard new members to the system. 

We were also able to offer local phone numbers in various countries, ensuring high-quality calls across borders, something essential for Glovo’s global operations. Similarly, our call campaigns fit the company’s field employees needs perfectly. 

However, the standout feature for Glovo was CloudTalk’s Power Dialer, which revolutionized the team’s calling campaigns and drastically improved efficiency.

Unpacking the goods

These days, 220 Glovo agents use CloudTalk for 46 international numbers. The very first month, they made 20,416 calls, but after onboarding our Power Dialer, that number grew to 37,136 in just three months. 

A year after that, Glovo’s monthly call volume reached an astounding 103,577. 

CloudTalk’s Power Dialer also allowed the company to externalize many basic outbound calls without the need for additional tools while ensuring that external agents had no access to Glovo’s internal systems. This not only improved the team’s efficiency but also made the onboarding of couriers practically fully automated, saving time and resources. 

Thanks to CloudTalk, we managed to greatly improve our team’s cost and efficiency. The script feature allows us to lead the calls in a much more systematic way, as well as all the action buttons to trigger actions directly into our backend.

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Yohann Bensadoun – Global Supply Growth at Glovo

CloudTalk’s call scripts and surveys did wonders for Glovo’s ability to systematically lead calls with a structured approach, enabling agents to provide a consistent and professional experience to customers and improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

On top of that, our API integration allowed Glovo to perform external actions, such as sending SMS and emails, via CloudTalk, and push important data into their CRM system. This eliminated the need to switch between multiple applications, saving the agents valuable time. 

The gift that keeps on giving

CloudTalk’s Power Dialer also significantly impacted Glovo’s outbound calling campaigns. As described above, onboarding the Power Dialer feature increased the company’s volume of calls by 81.7% in just three short months and, at the same time, missed calls fell by 23.7%. 

The company made significant productivity gains by allowing its team to automate busy work and focus on tasks more worthy of their time. The decrease in missed calls, in particular, highlights how vital optimizing outbound calling campaigns and attending customer queries promptly really was.

Wrapping it up

Glovo’s success with CloudTalk’s Power Dialer feature demonstrates the importance of selecting the right phone software solution for your business needs. By leveraging the comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and robust calling capabilities of CloudTalk, Glovo was able to streamline communication, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize its operations. 

The Power Dialer allowed Glovo to make more calls in less time, reduce missed calls, and externalize basic outbound calls without additional tools. As Glovo continues to expand its operations worldwide, it can rely on CloudTalk’s Power Dialer to support its growth and provide top-notch customer service.

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