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Your guide to getting started at CloudTalk

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Getting Started

New to CloudTalk? You’re in the right place! Watch our easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials to the right and take your business to the next level.

1. Introduction to CloudTalk

Learn how to download and access the CloudTalk apps and browser extension, log in with a single click and make your first call. You’ll also learn how you can check and export call statistics, and how you can significantly boost your call center productivity with our click-to-call browser scanner extension.

Watch the video to learn more: 


Check our detailed guide for Click to Call.

Download the app here.

Log in to your CloudTalk account.

2. Network & Tech requirements

1. Make sure your device can run Google Chrome

2. Check your network speeds

3. Make sure your router supports QoS

4. Set up your microphone and speakers

Watch the video to learn more: 


3. Agents & Groups

Organize your workflow to the last detail with CloudTalk.

You can seamlessly add new users to your account and divide them into Groups, each containing agents with unique tasks.

Create multiple groups for sales, support, finance, marketing, and more.

What’s more, CloudTalk advanced setting customization lets you adapt the features to your unique business needs. 

Watch the video to learn more: 


Check detailed guide for features here: 

4. Acquiring & Porting Numbers

Ever wondered what exactly makes up the Number Allocation and Number Porting processes? Well, wonder no longer. 

Our in-house onboarding expert, Josh Lynch, is back with another video. This time he’ll break down all of the steps you’ll need to take to 1) acquire a new international number via the CloudTalk Dashboard and 2) request that a number you currently own be ported to CloudTalk. 

Watch the video to learn more: 


More information about the processes and some other relevant links can be found here: 

5. Setting up call flow & business hours

With CloudTalk, you can easily set up unique, personalized Call Flows and adjust your company’s Business Hours according to changes in your availability. 

Both processes are intuitive and don’t require the help of an IT specialist. 

Check out this article for more information about CloudTalk’s Call Flow Designer: Configuring Call Flow Designer

Check out this article for more information about Configuring Business Hours with CloudTalk: Configuring Business Hours

Watch the video to learn more: 


6. CloudTalk Dashboard & Statistics

Easily track your metrics on calls, agents, and more. 

Wallboard and Real-time dashboard display current activities in your call center. All in one place, in real time. 

Our flexible Statistics let you monitor your performance based on many different categories, such as call rating, call tags, groups, agents or numbers. 

Furthermore, you can record and listen to all of your calls and set up an automated Callback, so you never miss a customer interaction.

Watch this video to find out more: 

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Attend our weekly training sessions

Join CloudTalk’s training sessions and learn to make the most out of our dashboard and mobile app!

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In-depth Video Tutorials on Features

We have new videos category for you – in-depth videos about CloudTalk’s most demanded features. But no worries, even absolute beginners will understand. Watch now and learn how to get the most out of our business calling software.

1. Call Flow Designer – Master the Basics

Be a director of your customers’ calling journey with CloudTalk’s Call Flow Designer. Create a fully customized call routing process and complex IVR menus, all according to your unique business needs. In this video, we will guide you through the process of setting up and using the Call Flow Designer – in 14 detailed yet straightforward steps.

Watch the video to learn more: 


Read our article about CFD here

Download the app here.

Log in to your CloudTalk account.

2. Call Flow Designer – Dive Into Advanced Setup

If you’ve seen our first CFD tutorial, you’ve already learned the basics. But are you an expert? Almost. The second in-depth video will provide you with the last 5 set-up steps you need to know. Learn how to create a conference room, dial an extension, collect inputs from callers, create HTTP requests, and use condition splitters.

Watch the video to learn more: 


Read our article about CFD here

Download the app here.

Log in to your CloudTalk account.

3. Power Dialer – A Guide to Automating Sales Campaigns

Meet Power dialer – the most effective feature for leading sales campaigns. Focus on selling and leave manual tasks to automation. In 7 easy steps, we will explain how to import contacts you want to target, create call scripts and surveys, set up campaigns, and track their performance. You’ll also see the dialer in action

Watch the video to learn more: 

4. Import contacts and start attending customers right away

You can’t properly attend to customers when you don’t have their contacts saved, right? In this video, we will explain how to import contacts to your CloudTalk account easily and efficiently via CSV file, Integrations, API, or manually.

Watch the video to learn more: 

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Technical Setup

Let’s get technical! Below you’ll find simple step-by-step tutorials for some of CloudTalk’s more technical features. We’ll help you check that your network setup is optimized for use with CloudTalk and provide personalized recommendations to ensure top-tier call quality.

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Numbers Porting

Good news! You can keep your current phone number. All you’ll need to do is port it to CloudTalk — click the link below for instructions.

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Integrations Setup

Get to know our powerful one-click integration framework — it’s the easiest way to optimize your day-to-day workflow.

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Video Guides

Sit back, relax and enjoy these specially-curated video guides detailing everything there is to know about CloudTalk’s internal workings.

Pipedrive + CloudTalk – Integration Overview

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Create Multi-level IVR with Call Flow Designer

video icon

Smart Dialer – CloudTalk’s flagship feature

video icon

HubSpot CRM + CloudTalk – Integration Overview

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Connect Agents, Customers and Other Software, Together in the Cloud

Discover how CloudTalk can provide you with unparallel control over your customer’s experience and start matching their expectations today

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