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Increasing productivity for Nokia’s 200 customer support agents

Nokia is a B2B technology innovation leader in mobile, fixed and cloud networking and has chosen CloudTalk business calling software as the perfect solution to increase the effectiveness and reliability of their customer support team.

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Nokia’s challenge was being able to provide exceptional and reliable support to all its customers, regardless of where they were located, while increasing availability in their support hotline.


Nokia partnered with CloudTalk and used our analytics tools to optimize processes across the team and improve customer support, leading to better understanding of customer behavior and preferences.


With CloudTalk Analytics, Nokia saw a 10% increase in productivity and handled 38% more calls per month, reducing maximum waiting times by half, and improving customer satisfaction.

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How CloudTalk helped Nokia increase agent productivity by 10%

Providing quality customer service is fundamental to the success of any business. In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, customer service becomes a matter of life or death and Nokia, a leading company in mobile, fixed and cloud networking, knows this better than anyone. How could they provide exceptional support to all of their customers, regardless of where they were?

Nokia wasn’t willing to compromise on the quality of its customer service as it understood the impact it could have on customer loyalty and the company’s bottom line. With that in mind, they turned to CloudTalk and our next generation business calling software.

Together, Nokia managed to create an intelligent, data-driven customer support operation by taking full advantage of CloudTalk’s Analytics capabilities, decreasing maximum waiting time by half and increasing the number of calls by 38%.

From static to stellar with CloudTalk’s Centralized Solution and SMS

Nokia needed to be readily available for their customers, especially technicians working on an operator’s network. Their previous solution did not feature a centralized dashboard and, as a result, struggled to answer quickly and provide the right information to their customers. Difficulty finding answers in a short period of time resulted in poor call management and an increased number of missed calls. To make matters worse, they were unable to send SMS messages, a crucial follow-up tool for their team. 

Despite the difficulties, Nokia refused to let their customer support suffer. Their former provider lacked the flexibility and willingness to adapt, prompting Nokia to search for a better solution. That’s when CloudTalk became part of the solution and provided the company with an innovative and centralized solution to monitor multiple teams in real time and improve communication across different channels.

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I wasn’t afraid of switching to CloudTalk at all. I would definitely recommend this software because I think CloudTalk has a true startup mindset. It’s easy to change things, always evolving, always proposing new solutions.

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Nelly Donnelly – Service Delivery Manager at Nokia

With CloudTalk, Nokia was able to turn their challenges into opportunities, transforming a reactive approach into a proactive one.

Reaching new heights with CloudTalk Analytics

Nokia found a reliable partner in CloudTalk and made it its ultimate solution for customer support challenges. What set it apart from the rest was our Analytics — an intelligent system built to help businesses better connect with their customers. Statistical reports and in-depth insights addressed the company’s problems with poor reactivity, lack of a centralized solution, and inability to track customer satisfaction.

Now we have charts and can change the way we see things. We can monitor and compare stats whenever we choose and this has helped us a lot. We can find discrepancies between our agents. If someone takes 1 call while their colleague takes 20 calls, we need to solve that and change the way we work.

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Nelly Donnelly – Service Delivery Manager at Nokia

Analytics and data are crucial in customer support because they provide a more complete — and more valuable — understanding of customer behavior and preferences. By analyzing data and customer interactions, Nokia started being able to prioritize issues. 

CloudTalk’s sorting system brought significant insights and allowed Nokia to identify trends and patterns more efficiently. The upgraded Analytics console allowed the team to focus on important metrics across 4 different categories: Agents, Groups, Call Logs, and Messages. In each report they were able to narrow down results with a variety of filters, including country, tags, call ratings, and more. This provided the reasons behind missed calls, which enabled them to improve processes throughout their entire team.

With the new Analytics, I see every step of the way. Was the call missed because my agent was offline? Was it because they were idle? Just busy and already on call? These different steps are really important for us because they give us a better understanding of our teams’ setup.

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Nelly Donnelly – Service Delivery Manager at Nokia

Higher productivity and customer satisfaction

CloudTalk Analytics helped Nokia optimize customer support for their team of 200 agents. By providing real-time monitoring with visual charts, Nokia was able to see discrepancies between their agents and make changes to workflows like increasing ring time for calls before they were considered missed. This resulted in fewer missed calls and reduced stress for agents.

Additionally, CloudTalk helped Nokia implement new workflow strategies and set up new teams based on the intelligence they gained . Our Call-back feature allowed Nokia to manage missed calls effectively and increase productivity by 10%. Call Notes and Call Tagging helped map every step of the customer journey and manage calls and queries efficiently, something they had been sorely lacking. 

Since implementing CloudTalk, Nokia has been able to handle 38% more calls per month, up to a total of 18,288 calls. They also saw a 47% decrease in maximum waiting time, saving time (and money!) for both the company and its customers. Overall, CloudTalk’s next generation business calling software and Analytics tools played a significant role in helping Nokia improve its customer support and achieve its growth goals.

Ultimately, the data provided by CloudTalk allowed Nokia to better communicate with their customers and decrease complaints. They were able to monitor received calls and understand if there were problems with their own services or if customers were calling the wrong provider. This allowed them to provide customers with better information and address concerns effectively.

CloudTalk helps us to improve our productivity. They show and give us vision on what we do and how we can do it better.

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Nelly Donnelly – Service Delivery Manager at Nokia

The success of this partnership is a testament to the power of data driven decision-making and highlights the importance of having reliable and responsive customer support software. CloudTalk has helped Nokia change its strategy, stay ahead in a competitive market and provide customers with the best possible experience.

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