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Phone system integration for Front

cloudtalk integration for front

Integrate CloudTalk with your Front helpdesk software and streamline communication between you and your customers.

Business benefits of using Front with CloudTalk

  • Call your customers and prospects without ever leaving Front
  • See caller’s information before picking up a call in CloudTalk
  • Automatically sync customer data between the 2 systems

Receive and make calls directly in Front

When you connect both tools, all your CloudTalk calls and voicemails will be logged as tickets in Front. Your support and sales team will be able to call your prospects or customers directly from Front, without ever leaving the interface.

The sync works both ways, so whenever a caller is initiating a call, your agents will be able to see the caller’s real-time customer card, which displays all the following information even before you pick up the call:

  • the customer’s contact details (name, email, phone number, company, address, website, etc.)
  • call history with call recordings
  • comments and notes
  • Front tickets and conversations
  • and other activities from Front and CloudTalk software
cloudtalk integration with front inbound call

Talk to your customers in a modern way

CloudTalk offers more than 50 advanced features for excellent customer service like Chrome extension Click to call (Initiate calls from any website, Call recordingsSmart dialerIVRCall tagging or Skill-based routing and many more. It’s up to you what you decide to use for your best experience 🙂

CloudTalk + Front Integration Overview

Two-way synchronization

With real-time automated synchronization, you will find updated and complete customer data in both systems. CloudTalk will display the whole history of the client’s conversations, including conversations made in Front. Front will also display all data related to CloudTalk calls. Contacts are synchronized as well. If you create a new contact or update an existing one in Front, changes are automatically transferred to CloudTalk, and vice versa.

A new Front ticket is automatically created with each call including data like:

  • customer’s phone number
  • date and time of the call
  • call duration
  • call tags and notes
  • call recording

Ready to intgerate Front with CloudTalk?

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How to setup Front with CloudTalk

See our Front and CloudTalk setup knowledge base article for more information.

Video Guide: How to setup CloudTalk + Front integration