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7 proven ways to improve
customer service

7 proven ways to improve customer service

Good relations with customers are fundamental for the success of any business. Unsatisfied customers switch to competitors and never come back. In this post, you will find out what to do to ensure that your clients are always satisfied and how to build a stable relationship that creates profit.

1.    Collect and use customer data

Collect data that will help you better understand your clients and offer them tailor-made products and services. You can use social and demographic characteristics, preferences and buying behavior patterns to create efficient marketing strategies. However, avoid gathering too much useless information that offers no benefit to your company. Also: don’t forget to always be compliant with GDPR.

2.    Choose the right communication strategy

In the eye of a customer, a company’s overall quality largely depends on the quality of its customer service. Therefore, you should invest sufficient time and effort to create first-class customer experience.

  • Respond quickly. Don’t let your clients wait and think that you don’t care about them. Try to respond to their queries as soon as possible and if you cannot deal with their issue straight away (or if you don’t have an answer), at least let the customer know that you understand his situation. By solving customer issues quickly, you will let them know that they are really important for you.
  • Be accessible and well-informed. Use multiple communication channels (live chat, email, phone) and have enough available agents during rush hours. Make sure that your agents are always well-informed about products and services that you offer and about the customer’s communications history.
  • Avoid trivial mistakes that destroy positive customer experience. For example, don’t use automatic answers when such answer is not relevant and could even worsen the situation (e.g. in case of complaints). Regardless of the client’s mood, always treat him with respect.
  • Provide space for feedback and learn to accept criticism. Listen to your clients and find out what you can improve and learn from your mistakes.
  • Don’t lie. Always have clearly defined conditions, avoid misleading and non-transparent behavior. Don’t be afraid to admit that you’ve made a mistake and apologize, if it’s justified.

3.    Don’t let your clients forget you

Send your customers regular email updates, which is a simple, effective and affordable marketing tool that helps you strengthen existing relationships. Send out a newsletter with special offers, useful information or tips – stay in touch so that customers don’t forget about you.

4.    Build loyalty

If you maintain good relationship with customers, they will come back. Don’t try to maximize profits at the expense of customer satisfaction. On the contrary, build positive and friendly relationships that are beneficial for both sides. A well-known rule says that it’s better and cheaper to keep an existing customer than to create a new one.

illustration customer relationship

Don’t forget to pamper your clients as a thank you for their loyalty. Provide them with excellent customer service, exclusive access to new collections, gifts or discounts. Keep tabs on your competitors and always make sure you stay a step ahead in terms of the benefits you offer.

5.    Use modern technology to your advantage

Make maximum use of your CRM marketing tools. By analyzing data from the CRM database and integrating them with other tools, you will get a detailed overview of customer purchase history, buying behavior patterns and customer preferences. Cloud-based CRM solutions that are flexible and scalable will adapt to your requirements and grow alongside your business. In addition, you will get valuable information that is safely stored and available anytime you need it.

If customers are not satisfied with your services and feel you don’t care about them, they will never become your loyal partners.

Remember, satisfaction goes hand in hand with loyalty.

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6. Personalize customer interactions 

Put an emphasis on treating your customers as individuals. You can accomplish this through frequent social media interaction, sending out personalized offers to customers on their birthdays, or sending out “thank you” notes after your agents close a deal. They key here is to have your customers feel like people instead of just another tally on your agents’ monthly sales quotas. 

7. Request feedback from your customers 

It’s important to solicit feedback from your customers so you can get a sense of how they’re interacting with your product and whether or not they’re liking what you offer. You can gather this type of feedback by sending out something formal, like a survey email. You could also take the informal route, for example asking your customers for feedback in the comments section of your next Facebook post. There really is a great deal of flexibility here — so be creative! 

FAQ Section

How to improve relationships with your customers?

To improve relationships with customers, you should:

▪️ collect and use customer data,
▪️ choose the right communication strategy,
▪️ don’t let your clients forget you,
▪️ build loyalty, 
▪️ use modern technology to your advantage,
▪️ personalize customer interactions and use custom greetings,
▪️ request feedback from your customers. 

How to improve customer relationship management?

The ideal CRM should improve productivity at an affordable rate while also creating a stronger relationship with customers. Here are 6 tips to improve your customer relationship management:

▪️ know you customer and use as much personalization as possible,
▪️ take care about data synchronization (relevant employees, calendars, meetings, sales pitch),
▪️ always update your information,
▪️ integrate your Customer Relationship Management System,
▪️ train your employees properly,
▪️ think of improvement and growth at all times.

How to improve CRM – Customer Relationship Management – in banking?

▪️ specify who your target audience is, 
▪️ synchronize client data with your tools for more personalization, 
▪️ ensure that customer data are save,
▪️ auto-calculate client fees,
▪️ personalized payment notifications,
▪️ keep your CRP updated,
▪️ create personalized marketing campaigns for banking products,
▪️ send the anticipated, personal and relevant messages about their accounts,
▪️ get clients data more secure,
▪️ auto calculate client fees,
▪️ personalized payment notifications,
▪️ personalized marketing campaigns for banking products,
▪️ send the anticipated, personal and relevant messages about their accounts.

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