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/ month

Per user/month. Billed annually.

Per user/month. Billed monthly.

What’s included?
  • Unlimited inbound & intracompany calls

    Free inbound calling is not available in case you select certain high cost country numbers.

  • Click to call
  • Automated call distribution
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited call queuing
  • International numbers
  • (160+ countries)





/ month

Per user/month. Billed annually.

What’s included?
  • All Starter features, plus…
  • Advanced analytics with unlimited history
  • Real-time client dashboard
  • Integrations to other systems
  • Open API
  • Skill-based routing
  • Smart queueing
  • SMS / Text messages
  • Workflow Automation



/ month

Per user/month. Billed annually.

Per user/month. Billed monthly.

What’s included?
  • All Essential features, plus…
  • Salesforce integration
  • Power Dialer, Smart Dialer
  • Call Monitoring (Call Barging, Call Whispering)
  • Wallboards
  • Speech to text

    Additional pricing – contact us

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Unlimited concurrent calls

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What’s included?
  • All Expert features, plus…
  • Custom onboarding
  • Unlimited outbound calls (Flat rates)
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Developer support
  • Custom reporting
  • SLA
AI Conversation



/ month

Early bird price per agent/month.

Early bird price per agent/month.

What’s included?
  • Topic Extraction
  • Call Transcription
  • Automatic Summaries & Tags
  • Talk/Listen Ratio
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Trending Topics Coming Soon
  • Transcript Keyword Search Coming Soon
  • CRM Integration Coming Soon
  • Keyword Monitoring Coming Soon
  • Call Scoring Coming Soon

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Detailed pricing overview

Detailed pricing overview




Price per user per month
(billed annually)




Minimum number of users





Maximum number of users





Phone number included in the plan

Free inbound calling is not available in case you select certain high cost country numbers.

1 standard local number free

1 standard local number free

1 standard local number free

1 standard local number free

Price of each additional number per month

from 6 €

from 6 €

from 6 €

from 6 €

Price of SMS messaging

per message

per message

Maximum number of callers in queue





Free inbound calls & internal calls
(toll-free excluded)

Free inbound calling is not available in case you select certain high cost country numbers.

Storage for recordings

1 month




Price of outbound calls

per min

per min

per min

Package comparison

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Voice features

Call queuing

Create customized caller queues. Inbound calls are sorted in caller queues based on pre-defined rules and steered to available agents within the right group. Personalized messages are available as well.

Call recording

CloudTalk can automatically make a recording of all inbound calls. Once the call ends, you can listen to it directly from your internet browser anywhere and anytime. Improve customer interactions by monitoring your team’s calls.

Internal calls / Extensions

Each user, agent, caller queue or department has their own personalized number or extension. This will allow you to reach anyone in your company or seamlessly route a call to a different agent.


Create personalized greetings or group voicemail messages. If the caller leaves a voicemail, you can listen it directly from the internet browser from anywhere and anytime.

Mobile app

International numbers

Possibility of using international phone numbers (with geographic and non-geographic presets) from more than 60 countries worldwide. By using international numbers, your foreign customers can call you for standard local fees or for free.

Toll free numbers

By using Toll free telephone numbers, customers can call you for free or at a discounted price. This gives you a competitive edge for your customers.

Short numbers

Get a five-digit phone number 16 xxx, 17 xxx or 18 xxx.

Number porting

CloudTalk allows you to use your existing phone numbers by porting them to CloudTalk.

Fax to email

Do you want to use fax services? Do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll activate the service right away.

Business hours

Define your business hours and decide when you are available for receiving calls. Outside of these hours, you can choose a special personalized absence message, redirect calls to a different phone number or answering machine or even use various combinations.

Personalized greetings & music

Initial greeting is your first interaction with clients. With CloudTalk, you can create personalized greetings played to the caller based on specific situations (outside business hours, on-hold, etc.)

Internal phone number tags

Does your company use several phone numbers? Give them a tag so that your employees and agents immediately know what number the client dialed and how to adjust their approach.

SMS / Text messages

Send your customers personal messages or general notifications and make your contact center much more effective. Automatic text messages save time and facilitate the work of your agents.

Conference calls

Improve teamwork with conference calls. You can schedule conference calls easily in a couple of minutes and invite external contacts, e.g. your clients, suppliers, etc.

Call masking

Intelligent call routing

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Automated smart and efficient distribution of inbound calls based on all available data to make sure that callers are always directed to the most qualified agent or agent group.

Call Flow Designer

With our Call Flow Designer feature, you can manage your inbound calls coming to the call center step by step.

Go-To CFD Feature

The Go To action lets you send any action in your call flow to an already created action. It also lets you send callers to an action in another number’s call flow.

Caller-based routing

Smart routing of inbound calls based on the caller’s phone number with your custom criteria.

Preferred agent

Set a preferred agent for each client so that their calls are always directed to the right person. The customer constantly communicates with the same agent, which makes your customer support more personalized, efficient and pleasant.

Automatic outbound caller ID

CloudTalk allows you to set an outbound caller ID automatically based on the call destination country. Your clients abroad will receive a local phone call instead of an international one.

Ring groups

Make sure that customer calls ring multiple or all agents at once. This will shorten the response time and improve your customer support.

Automated call redirection

With our business phone system, your clients will always reach you. CloudTalk allows you to automatically redirect incoming calls to a selected phone number each time your agents are busy or unavailable during business hours.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu

Create your multi-level IVR menu to guide the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents and receive relevant information through customized messages.

VIP Queues

Make your VIP customers feel special when trying to connect your contact center. When using the VIP queue, you always give the priority to the customers which matter the most to your business.

Skill-based routing

Inbound calls can be automatically routed to a specific agent based on their fit and skills required by the caller. You can easily assign skill levels to your agents.


Ring on speakers

Reduce the risk of accidental missed calls with the ″Ring on Speakers″ feature.

Voicemail by email

Click to Call

Dial any phone number on the web with a single click.

Desktop notifications

When an incoming call comes in, we will automatically alert you with a notification to instantly know who is calling.


If there are any unanswered phone calls, CloudTalk can automatically call your customers back.

Smart detection of resolved missed calls

Learn which of your missed calls were and were not resolved by your agents thanks to the Smart detection feature.

Call tagging

Call tagging will allow you to sort calls into categories and quickly identify what type of call is it.

Call notes

Increase the quality of the customer experience through the feature Notes on Calls, which allows you to add notes to any calls you want.

Mandatory tagging

CloudTalk offers the option to force your agents to add tags after a call is finished.

Comment on calls

You can add call notes during or after your call. The only thing you have to do is to click “Save” and CloudTalk will take care of the rest.

Custom fields

Create custom fields to add relevant customer information and data essential for your business.

Contact tagging

Apply customized tags to your contacts to help you search and sort contacts into categories and quickly identify each contact by their tag.

Real-time customer card

Your agents can see all caller information displayed in one place. During the phone call, they can instantly look at the client’s history of interactions, orders, chat or notes. This allows them to deliver top-notch customer service.

After-call work

Use the After Call Work feature and allow your agents to complete all follow-up tasks after a call has ended.


Build your blacklist with unwanted phone numbers. Eliminate incoming calls that are not relevant to your company, such as robots or spammers.


Thanks to our Call Transfer feature, you can easily and quickly transfer callers over to another extension, agent or group.

Speech to text

CloudTalk speech recognizer helps you convert your calls to text and facilitate search in your recordings.

Smart dialer

Smart dialer automatically compiles a list of numbers and lets you automatically call through them with a single click.

Power dialer

Power dialer allows you to increase efficiency and the number of calls you make. When an agent is available, CloudTalk automatically dials the next call in line.


Contact importer

Contact history

Complete customer interactions history always within easy reach. We will automatically display previous calls, orders, chats or notes, so agents don’t have to look them up in multiple systems.

Shared contacts

Compile all your contacts in a single contact list. Integrations will help you import contacts from several sources into CloudTalk. This will make your workflows even more efficient.

Contact details before picking up the call

Personalize your communication with clients from the very beginning. We will show you the name of the caller, their phone number and much more even before the call connects.

Create tasks directly from CloudTalk

Add new contacts, create tickets, tasks or edit orders in your CRM, helpdesk or e-commerce solution directly in CloudTalk. Streamline your workflows with our effective solution for customer calls.


Integrate CloudTalk with your external systems. With integrations, you can import and export contacts and regularly download history of phone calls, orders, tickets, etc.

Workflow Automation

Workflows Automation can come in handy if you wish to get things done automatically in CloudTalk.

Access to developer API support


CloudTalk can be easily integrated with your CRM, e-commerce or helpdesk tools. Your agents will see all customer data in one place. This will allow them to deliver better and quicker service.

Salesforce Service Cloud integration

Salesforce Sales Cloud integration

WhatsApp Inbound Messages

WhatsApp Outbound Messages

Statistics and monitoring

Call statistics

Track the performance of your call center. CloudTalk is a truly data-based system. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. Make smart decisions based on relevant data.

Advanced analytics with unlimited history

Call monitoring
(Call barging, Call whispering)

Have a comprehensive overview of your phone calls anytime you need. Get information on your agents’ calls and optimize your customer service.

Agent reporting

A simple access to agent statistics directly in CloudTalk to help you improve your customer service and rank each agent based on their performance.

Real-time client dashboard

Monitor your call enter activities in real time. All important data on inbound calls and agent productivity are always at your disposal, always up-to-date.

CSAT Score

You can focus on worldwide metrics and statistics like First call resolution or Average call duration, you can have the best productivity tools but what matters is the human factor on your customer support and sales department.

in progress

in progress


Get a live picture on what’s going on in your cloud call center displayed on monitors. Wallboard will allow you to optimize agent productivity, reduce waiting times and immediately address the caller’s needs, improving their satisfaction.

Custom reporting

Need more than our standard CloudTalk statistics? Use filters to view data as you see fit (e.g. by agent, phone number, queue or timeframe). This will generate reports that are relevant to your business.



Reliable and safe operation of your business phone system. Your data and VoIP services are safe with us. All CloudTalk data are stored in modern safe data centers with 24/7 monitoring.

Online user management

You can add new users into your call center, modify their details and remove agents who no longer work with you. There’s no need to contact us, you can do everything related to agent management yourself, with no hassle.

Unlimited concurrent calls

CloudTalk does not limit your concurrent calls. You can handle as many inbound and outbound calls as you like, all at the same time.

Responsive web admin

CloudTalk is accessible from all kinds of devices. Web interface automatically adjusts to your device’s resolution – be it a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We support many different Single Sign-Ons (SSOs) e.g. Google, Okta, Onelogin…

Customer support

Help center access

Email support

Phone support

Onboarding coach

Dedicated account manager


Please note that our prices are VAT exclusive. VAT will be billed to EU customers in line with the applicable rates of their member state unless a valid VAT number is provided. For more information please visit geographic phone number pricing and country coverage for phone numbers.

Over 4,000 call centers and phone systems are powered by CloudTalk

If you haven’t heard it yet, CloudTalk is the Next Generation Business Calling Software for data-driven teams. And according to G2, we’re also the #1 Aircall Alternative!  So, what gives us the edge?

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How do free trials work?

Simply send us your contact information and we’ll get you set up with a free, no-strings-attached CloudTalk trial. You can start dialing immediately and enjoy our full range of features and integrations for two fun-filled weeks.

What are your outbound call prices?

Each package includes one standard local or toll-free number for free. Prices of outbound calls vary. Please contact us for more details.

Who is a user?

Users work for your company and communicate with your existing and potential customers. You can add or remove users at any time and in just a few clicks. Users are agents, supervisors, analysts, administrators, etc.

How often can I change my billing plan?

Plans billed annually can only upgrade to a higher tier plan (e.g. From Essential to Expert). It’s not possible to downgrade on annual billing.

How else can I use CloudTalk?

CloudTalk can be used in many different ways: for customer support, as a contact center, or simply as an all-in-one virtual phone system. Our solution is also perfect for companies operating different e-commerce platforms at the same time, as the ability to set up separate customer support channels can make all the difference.

What about data safety?

The safety of your data is our topmost priority. CloudTalk uses third-party data centers with industry-standard certifications (Tier III+ or IV, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS). All facilities include physical protection. Interface is accessed through an encrypted SSL connection. You can read more on our dedicated security page.

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