11 Best Sales Call Script Templates in 2024
By Alexandra Kozma
| 30. January 2024 |
Sales, Call Center
By A. KozmaAlexandra Kozma
| 30 Jan 2024 |
Sales, Call Center
    By A. KozmaAlexandra Kozma
    | 30 Jan 2024
    Sales, Call Center

    11 High-Converting Sales Call Script Templates in 2024

    A sales call script (also known as a call script or cold calling script) can help telemarketers and sales reps have all the information they might need, handle frequently asked questions, objections, and rejections, and present the offer in a truly attractive light for the ideal customer.

    Key takeaways:

    • You can prevent customers from hanging up by crafting a sales script that provides value first, establishes trust, and highlights how the benefits outweigh the costs.
    • Before reaching out to clients, conduct thorough research. Tailor your approach based on their business model, values, and communication style.
    • Proactively address anticipated objections, like cost, effectiveness, and legitimacy. Emphasize the benefits your brand offers from the client’s perspective.
    • Follow a proven sales call script formula. Start with a brief introduction, confirm the prospect’s availability, explain company benefits, address pain points, handle objections, and conclude with a clear call to action.
    • Use effective sales call script templates for different stages in the sales cycle. Adapt them to your industry and customers, prioritizing building rapport, offering value, and showcasing authenticity in client conversations.

    Most sales reps would agree that cold calling is no easy job. To convert strangers into leads and buyers with as few phone interactions as possible, you need to be prepared for many scenarios. This is why we collected 11 high-converting sales cold call script templates, with actionable tips on how you can add your own spin on them! Keep reading.

    What Makes a Good Sales Call Script?

    The value should always be higher than the clients’ investment

    A sales cold call’s goal is to sell. But, if you approach the conversation with a complete stranger with this mentality, you’re almost guaranteed to get hung up on. 

    Ask yourself: Why would someone answer an unexpected call and spend their precious time listening to a sales pitch? What’s in it for them? 

    Your prospects don’t owe you anything and likely won’t listen to you if they can feel that your only goal is to get some cash out of them.

    In fact, you owe it to them to make their time and money worthwhile. 

    A good cold call script is always personalized and highlights the value for the prospect. Your job is to make the prospect feel safe (you’re not there to trick them out of their money), empathize with whatever challenging situation they’re in, and prove that the value you offer them is higher than the cost of the products or services you’re selling. 

    Scale Fast And Efficiently

    Do your research 

    If possible, do some research about the client beforehand. 

    If you’re in B2B, study the company’s website to learn about their business model, value, and potential shortcomings; and head to your contact person’s LinkedIn profile to find out about their values, interests, and preferred style of communication.

    For example, if you sell digital marketing services and you notice that the prospect is making crucial mistakes on their email opt-in form, that could be a good place to start.

    If you’re in B2C, finding information about each person can be harder. If that’s the case, we recommend building an avatar based on the demographics of your contact list. 

    While every individual is different, you might want to address an older generation with a different tone or assume different challenges from a higher income group. 

    Please note: while these assumptions certainly help you navigate through the calls, don’t treat them as objective facts. Always ask the client if your assumptions are valid. 

    Tackle objections

    When you contact a prospect out of the blue and ask them to pay, expect hesitation. While doing your research, collect the most common challenges and objections your contacts might have. 

    Common objections include “Why is your service so expensive?”, “Will this work in my particular situation?” or “How do I know this is not a scam?”

    Pro tip: imagine that after every sentence in your pitch, the prospect thinks: “So what’s in it for me?” This helps you stay focused on the client and provide value, rather than focusing on the company.

    Remember: customers don’t care about your brand. They care about what your brand does for them.

    Follow a formula

    The easiest way to make sure that you include all essential components of a good sales call script is to follow a formula. 

    Below you can find our suggested order and elements of such a sales call script.

    1. A short, friendly introduction: Greet your contact in a friendly but professional manner. When your greeting is too formal, you risk startling your contacts. If you’re not professional enough, you might come across as disrespectful. Introduce yourself as concisely as possible: your name, the company you work for, and the reason for your call. Make your sentences concise but interesting.
    2. Check in about their availability: Then, move on to the all-important question: “Is this a good time to talk?” or “Do you have 5 minutes to talk about [topic]”? When you ask this question in the first few seconds of the call, the prospect will appreciate it that you’re respectful of their time, and, in case the answer is negative, you can quickly schedule a better time or mark the client as “not interested”. This allows you to jump on a call with the next contact without wasting time
    3. Explain what the company can do for the client: Show them how your products or services could potentially help your client. Focus on the gained value. 
    4. Talk about your prospect’s pain points: Bring up the most common challenges that similar prospects have and why it’s happening. If you find more specific examples during your research (for example, important features missing on their websites because of which they’re missing out on sales), tell the contact how your solution could improve the quality of their lives or business. Dig deep: ask clients about what they struggle with the most. 
    5. The sales pitch: Instead of reading your sales pitch off of the paper (and risk sounding robotic), adjust the pitch around the challenges that the prospect has given you until this point.
    6. Handle objections: Expect that most prospects won’t be ready to open their wallets right after hearing your pitch for the first time, especially if you’re selling higher-ticket solutions. Anticipate objections by preparing a good answer to the most common ones in your script.
    7. Call to action: Always end the call with a clear message on what the client can do next. Maybe they need more time to think, in which case you can offer to contact them again a couple of days later.

    Looking for a more in-depth guide on how to create the best cold-calling scripts? Check out this blog post. 

    11 High-Converting Sales Call Script Templates For Every Stage in the Sales Cycle

    Now that you know what are the most crucial elements in a sales cold call you need to focus on, let’s look at a few out-of-the-box templates that you can apply in 11 different sales-over-phone situations. 

    #1 First Call Sales Script

    When to use it: At the very first contact with a new prospect. 

    Sales Script Template

    “Good afternoon Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname]. My name is [agent’s name]. I’m calling from [company’s name] which builds conversion-focused websites for small businesses specifically in [client’s industry]. I took a look at your website [mention their domain name] and noted various points where our service could improve your on-site sales.

    Do you have 5 minutes to chat about these points?”

    If they don’t, try to schedule an appointment instead.
    If the answer is yes, continue. 

    “First of all, we noticed that [mention a few specific examples your solution could do for your prospect]

    [Move onto your pitch]

    I understand you need to think about this before you’re ready to commit. I’ll email you everything we just talked about, shortly after the call, so you can see the numbers for yourself and discuss them with the other decision-makers in your company.
    In the email, you’ll find a button to schedule a demo call where I can demonstrate our service in further detail. Could I ask for your email address? ”

    Let the customer answer.

    “Fantastic, thank you! I will send you your unique offer shortly. I’ll talk to you soon, have a nice day!”

    Why it works: This call is your very first contact with a new prospect, so it’s important to leave a good impression. Unlike those pushy callers who earned cold calls a negative reputation, you show respect to your prospect by being conscious of their time. 

    With this script, the client knows exactly what you’re selling within seconds, and can decide for themselves whether they want to hear more. 

    On top of that, you’re not pushing them to make a purchase decision on the first call. While that might work for low-ticket items, in most cases, pushing the prospect might cause stress and potential buyer’s remorse. You want long-term, happy customers, don’t you? 

    #2 Promotional Sales Script

    When to use it: A special discount for the ladies on International Women’s day? Hot new deals on BFCM week? Let your existing leads and customers know! 

    Sales Script Template

    “Good morning Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname]. It’s [agent’s name] speaking from [company name]. We spoke on [date] when you said you might be interested in [product] / when you purchased a [product] from us!

    I’m calling you today to let you know that we just launched our special Black Friday campaign and we decided to let you know about it before announcing it in our newsletter or website! You can get our products with up to 70% discount if you purchase via the phone before 6 pm on Wednesday this week. Do you have 2 minutes to talk about it?” 

    If the prospect says no:

    “Sure thing, let’s schedule a better time then! Please note that our phone-only offer is only valid for another 2 weeks. When would be best for you to talk?”If the prospect says yes, proceed with the details of the promotion and explain how they can purchase via the phone. 

    At the end of the call, you can say:

    “Thank you very much for your purchase! Right after you hung up this call, you’ll receive an SMS / email with the confirmation of your order and the tracking number for the shipping. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at [number] or [business email]. Have a great day!

    Why it works: You get to the point right away by reminding the client that you talked before and announcing the limited-time offer. The time limit urges callers to act faster. Hello FOMO! 

    With an automation workflow that CloudTalk offers, you can automatically send emails and/or text messages to prospects. You can use placeholders, so you don’t have to write the copy over and over again, and the client will be happy to receive the confirmation and tracking ID so soon after the call. 

    #3 Appointment-Setting Sales Script

    When to use it: This sales call script can help you confirm appointments with prospects who have previously shown interest in your services. For example, they clicked on a demo request button, or they wanted to learn more about how they can work with you. 

    If you think that this call doesn’t matter – after all, they just want an appointment! – sorry, you’re wrong. They might already know what your business does, but it’s likely their first time talking to you. Should you come across as unprofessional or inauthentic, the prospect might still change their mind.

    Sales Script Template

    “Good morning Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname]. I’m [agent’s name], calling you from [company name]. I noticed that you signed up for a trial version of [name of the software], and I wanted to check in with you about your experience so far. Do you have a moment to share your thoughts with me?”

    Let the prospect share their experience.

    “Fantastic! We have 3 features that I’d absolutely recommend in your case: [mention the features]. If you have some availability this week, I’d love to show you on my screen how you could boost your company’s numbers with these features. When would you have time for a free 30-minute demo call?”

    Why it works: You immediately clarify why you’re calling and remind the client of your services. Instead of jumping straight to the appointment setting, ask the client about their experience and pay full attention to their answer. This proves to them that you care about their thoughts, and also helps you come up with a more personalized and organic call to action at the end. 

    #4 Script for Calling With an Offer

    When to use it: You previously had a qualifying call with the prospect and they expressed their interest. They agreed that you can call them back with an offer. This is that call.

    Sales Script Template

    “Good afternoon Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname], my name is [agents’ name] from [company’s name]. We talked on [day] about [product] and as I promised, I prepared a custom package tailored to your specific situation. Is this a good time to go through the details?”

    If the prospect says no, book another time. 
    If the answer is yes, proceed. 

    “So as we discussed last time, what you need most in your current situation is to solve [repeat the prospect’s biggest challenges]. This is why in this package, I prepared [mention features/tools that the prospect needs]. Before we move on you have any questions about the package?”

    Answer customer questions.

    “Wonderful, so if you’re happy with the content of your custom offer, the price of the package will be [price]. Of course, you also have the option to pay in monthly installments, which makes it [mention monthly price if applicable].

    If your company’s bid proposal suits the client, close the sale. 

    “Thank you for your purchase and I’m excited to welcome you as one of [company name]’s members. I hope that you will be satisfied with our services. Right after we hang up this call, you’ll get a detailed email of your chosen package and the details of your order. You’re welcome to reply to that email or call this number back in case you have any questions or concerns. I wish you a wonderful day! ”

    Why it works: Even though you had a call with the prospect before, they might have changed their mind. If you immediately start with your offer, they might feel put on the spot and hesitate. 

    Instead, start by reminding them of your previous conversation and remind the client of the challenges they shared with you last time and the solutions your company can provide. That is, start by showing the value before you move on to selling.

    #5 Clarification Call Script

    When to use it: Sometimes the sales process lasts longer. During this time, several issues may arise that need clarification. So it’s crucial to make a follow-up call and ask for any necessary information. 

    Sales Script Template

    “ Hello, Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname], this is [agent’s name] from [company’s name]. I’m calling you today because we are in the middle of completing our contract but we need some more details from you to be able to finalize it. Is this a good time to ask you some questions? It will only take a few minutes.”

    Let the customer answer.

    If the answer is “yes” then answer with:
    “Great, it won’t take long. I need to ask you about [required information].”

    If the answer is “no”, then reply: 
    “That’s fine, I completely understand. Just let me know when you have some spare time to go through it,”

    Then it’s time to discuss the date for arranging an appointment.

    “Thanks for your time. I will keep you informed about the progress of the contract. Have a wonderful day!”

    Why it works: Mistakes happen, but your prospect will forgive you for forgetting information if you handle the situation professionally and with respect to their time. 

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    #6 Extension of Cooperation Sales Script

    When to use it

    Sales Script Template

    “Good morning Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname].
    It’s [agent’s name] calling from [company’s name]. I am reaching out to you because our contract with us is about to end.
    Do you have a moment to go through your options?”

    If the prospect says no, book another time straight from the CloudTalk app
    If the answer is yes, proceed. 

    “Fantastic. So let me first ask you, how satisfied do you feel with our services at this point?”

    Wait for the answer. If it’s positive, continue:

    “Great, I’m happy to hear you’ve been satisfied. If you extend your contract now, you can continue using our services at the same price. As we already have your information, there’s no need for another back-and-forth, we can continue our partnership seamlessly” 

    If the client is unsatisfied, continue:

    “Thank you for sharing! Could you please share with me how we could improve our partnership?”  

    Let the client answer

    “Right, I see your point. I have noted all your comments, and we would like to propose a new plan, taking into account all the aspects we’ve just discussed. I’ll send you the new proposal by the end of the week via email together with the contract, so you can read them in your own time. We can make an appointment now for next week to discuss all the details and answer any questions that may arise. What day would be best for you?

    Let the customer propose the date.  

    “Monday at 1 p.m. sounds great. I will call you then. The contract will be sent to you before our meeting so you’ll have plenty of time to read it and consider the contents. If you don’t have any questions, I’d like to wish you a great day. Goodbye!”

    Why it works: Acquiring new customers is important, but retaining the existing ones is even more crucial. The client will appreciate that you’re letting them know about their expiring contract in time and the fact that you care about their honest feedback and potentially changing needs.

    #7 Post-Conversion Sales Script

    When to use it: A few days or weeks after the client made a purchase

    Sales Script Template

    Good morning Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname], it’s [agent’s name] from [company’s name] speaking. I’m calling to check how satisfied you are with your recent purchase. Have you had a chance to try [product]? If you have a few minutes, do you mind sharing your experience so far?”

    Let the client share:

    “Wonderful! How would you rate your experience so far from 1 to 10? 1 being terrible and 10 being outstanding.”

    Note down the rating the customer gives. If it’s anything below 8, ask:

    “May I ask what the reason is for the lower rating? How could we improve this number?”After the client replies, say“Thank you for sharing with us. In case you have any issues or questions about [product], please feel free to call or email us at any time! Have a wonderful day!”

    Why it works: Customer satisfaction is a crucial element of client retention and a good brand image. By personally calling the client to ask about their experience, without selling intent, you improve the image they have of your company. On top of that, getting honest feedback from a new customer provides great insights into what you should change and what you need to do more of. It’s a great opportunity to learn. 

    #8 Follow-up Call Script

    When to use it: If you need to call the prospect back because they couldn’t reach you, this script will be useful.

    Sales Script Template

    “Good morning/afternoon Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname], it’s [agent’s name] from [company’s name] here. I’m sorry you couldn’t reach me last time you called. I’m phoning you back as you requested. Is now a good time to talk?” 

    Let the customer answer and ask their questions. 

    “These are great questions. Let me take them one by one. [answers to the client’s questions].

    Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

    Wait for the client’s answer.

    “We hope that everything sounds clear to you now. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    I wish you a wonderful day!”

    Why it works: You remind the client that they called before and respect their time by apologizing for the delay. When you call the client back at the time they requested, you also show that you take them seriously.

    #9 Voice message and Voicemail Follow-up Sales Script

    When to use it: When you’re calling a prospect but they’re unavailable, the call might take you to their answering machine. Don’t hang up – leave a voicemail.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hi, Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname]. My name is [agent’s name], and I am calling from [company’s name]. I am reaching out to you because I might have a great solution to your current business needs and I’d love to talk through it with you. Please call me back when it’s a good time for you.

    Once again, it’s [agent’s name] from [company’s name]. You can reach me on the following number, [business agent’s number]. It’s a toll-free number. Talk to you soon and have a great day!”

    Why it works: Nobody likes to listen to overly long voice messages. Keep the message concise, to the point, and under one minute, so the prospect doesn’t feel like it’s a waste of time. Also, always leave your contact information, so it’s easy to call you back.

    #10 Gatekeeper Sales Script

    When to use it: “You Shall Not Pass!!!” – says the Gatekeeper. Just maybe not with these words. Doesn’t make a salesperson’s job any easier! 

    In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a gatekeeper is hired to protect a decision-maker’s time and priorities. Their job is basically to say no to you unless your offer is truly worth it. 

    Sales Script Template

    “Good morning, this is [agent’s name] from [company] speaking. I’d like to talk to [prospect’s name]”

    “What’s it in regards to?”

    “We help enterprises improve their website conversion rate by up to 20% with innovative automation solutions. We’re confident that we can reduce at least one hour per day spent on marketing efforts and achieve double-digit revenue growth within a quarter. After analyzing your website, we have a number of ideas on how we can achieve such growth with your business.”  

    Why it works: When you reach a gatekeeper, your number one goal is to prove the value. You’re not here to waste the decision-maker’s time and resources: you’re calling with something that can truly change the game for the company. 

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    #11 Referral Sales Script

    When to use it: The best salesmen are your happy customers, telling their friends, coworkers, and family about your service. When you have a truly satisfied customer, don’t miss the opportunity: ask for a referral.

    Sales Script Template

    “Good morning Mr./Mrs./Miss [client’s surname], it’s [agent’s name] from [company’s name] speaking. I’m calling to check in with you! Are you still satisfied with your purchase/membership?”

    If the client says yes, continue: 

    “We’re so happy to hear that! And from 1 to 10 how likely are you to recommend us to a friend? 10 being the best score.”

    The client says a number between 8 to 10.

    “Wonderful! Of course, we don’t just expect our customers to spread the word about us with nothing in return! So we’d like to put you in our referral program. Any new person who contacts us and says your full name will get 10% off the initial price, and after 3 referred customers, you get a month, on us! Once again, thank you for using our services and we’re hoping we can continue providing a great experience. Please feel free to reach out to us in case you have questions or feedback.

    Have a great day!”

    Why it works: Instead of asking for a favor or sounding too salesy, you start by checking how satisfied your client is, which in turn often makes them feel even more satisfied. Happy clients are more likely to refer their acquaintances even if they don’t get anything out of the deal. Once you ask them whether they would do that, you can up the offer by offering them something in exchange for their referral.

    Sales Call Scripts That Will Make People Hang Up On You

    The above sales scrips will help you sound professional, friendly, approachable and authentic.

    But, it’s very easy to go the opposite way without noticing. So here are a few points to keep in mind:

    • Avoid sounding robotic. People already dread talking to salespeople – you’re guaranteed to miss out on the sale if you don’t sound like a fellow human being. 
    • The sales call is not about you. Avoid one-way conversations. Ask many questions and be genuinely interested in what the prospect has to say. Everyone has a story to tell.
    • Don’t follow the script word by word. While script templates serve as a great guidance, life can’t be scripted. Be ready to add your own thoughts if the situation calls for it.
    • Respect the prospect. You might think of them as pure sources of money, but your prospects are busy humans whose time, money, and energy should be respected. 

    Cold Calling Tips

    Now that we walked you through what to say and what to avoid, take a few tips from us on how to nail your cold calls: 

    • Practice your cold calling scripts before your first call and adjust if necessary
    • Note that not everyone likes phone calls and that’s fine. Offer an alternative method of communication, e.g. live chat or email 
    • During a sales call, focus on the client, exclusively. Avoid multitasking
    • Be open and genuinely curious about what the prospect has to say. 
    • Ask open-ended questions instead of yes-no questions.
    • Make sure that the client is the protagonist of the call, not you or the company.
    • Always anticipate objections
    • Always anticipate “what’s in it for me?” questions
    • Use social proof. Who else achieved success 
    • Make it easy to say yes.
    • Remember: you want long-term, loyal customers, not just a quick sale

    Ready To Make Those Dreaded Cold Sales Calls? 

    It may seem simple, but getting the cold-calling sales process right is no cakewalk. To make agents’ work a little easier, you can provide them with our templates. 

    Remember to adapt these scripts to your industry and customers. While we don’t recommend following any template word by word, they are excellent guides to help during conversations with clients, especially when an agent loses the thread and doesn’t know what to say. Customers value authenticity.

    And how do you make sales calls even more effective for your company and pleasant for your agents? By replacing manual, repetitive tasks with automation, of course.

    You might also wonder…

    How to make a sales call script?

    Creating a winning call script before you call your prospect is crucial. Here are 5 steps that will help you succeed: 

    ▪️ define what is the objective of your call, 
    ▪️ make it personal,
    ▪️ keep it short and clear, 
    ▪️ define what benefits are there for your prospects,
    ▪️ be prepared for questions.