Call Center Integration For Zendesk

Add Zendesk call center integration to your phone system. Optimize employees’ time and create more space to take care of your customers with two-way synchronization of all your data. Set up in just a few clicks. 

Handle calls without ever leaving Zendesk with CTI telephony integration

See caller history and information before picking up the phone

Gain deeper insight into the performance of your agents and the quality of your customer interactions

Optimize workflow efficiency with state-of-the-art automation tools


Have Caller Information at Your Fingertips

With the Zendesk phone integration, you can access customer conversations and ticket history whenever you need, making agent reporting a breeze. Cloudtalk logs all relevant information into the caller’s customer profile automatically, including the call date, duration, assisting agent’s name, and the full call recording.

Create Automated SMS Follow-Ups

Do your customers prefer to communicate via SMS? Not a problem. Synchronizing your CloudTalk SMS messages to Zendesk will help you easily keep track of all your customer interactions.

Save Time With Smart Automation

With the Zendesk call center integration, you can fully leverage configurable automation tools such as click-to-call, virtual assistants, call flow designers, and powerful power dealers, your customer support teams can reduce the busy work and skyrocket their productivity across platforms.

Follow Metrics and Synchronize Data

Track important data like average caller wait time, maximum wait time, average abandoned call rate, and call queue statistics to easily identify your customers’ biggest pain points. You can also use this feature to find out which agents deliver the best results and reward them accordingly. 

CloudTalk + Zendesk = Success

Thanks to the combination of CloudTalk’s VoIP software and Zendesk, you will deliver the highest level of customer care. This integration reduces time wasted on unnecessary tasks. It gives agents more time to take care of their customers.

The Zendesk call center integration is also an excellent tool for omnichannel communication. Once you link it to CloudTalk, you will see the whole call and contact history in Zendesk (including contact tags, notes, sentiment ratings, etc.). Add customizable tags to your caller’s profile either during or after the call and categorize customers by their level of interest.

In Zendesk, inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged as tickets. The same goes for voicemails and abandoned or missed calls. You can access the call recording in Zendesk’s customer profile. Once the agent is available, he can reach out to customers.

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What is Zendesk phone integration?

CloudTalk + Zendesk integration will help you deliver the highest level of customer care. This integration reduces wasted employees’ time on unnecessary tasks, giving them more time to take care of your customers.

How does Zendesk call center integration+Cloudtalk work?

After linking Zendesk to CloudTalk, you will be able to see the whole call history in Zendesk (including contact tags, notes, sentiment ratings, etc.). This simple integration will centralize all your communication in one place.

Zendesk phone integration: Benefits for your business

1. Synchronize your calls directly in Zendesk and save your agents valuable time
2. Gain deeper insight into the performance of your agents and the quality of your customer interactions
3. Leverage your learnings to create an exceptional experience for your customers
4. Optimize workflow efficiency with state-of-the-art automation tools

The most-used automation scenarios for Zendesk users

1. Automatic follow-up via SMS after finished inbound/outbound calls with a specific tag
2. Slack message notification after receiving an SMS
3. Ticket is created in Zendesk when an agent does not reach the customer

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