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Call center integration for Zendesk

loudtalk integration for zendesk call center

CloudTalk + Zendesk integration will help you deliver the highest level of customer care. This integration reduces wasted employees’ time on unnecessary tasks, so they have more time to take care of your customers. Your team can leverage all the benefits of call center software and helpdesk without any compromises.

CloudTalk + Zendesk Integration Overview

Centralize your communication

Zendesk is a great tool for omnichannel communication. After linking it to CloudTalk, you will be able to see the whole call history in Zendesk (including tags, notes, sentiment ratings, etc.). This simple integration will centralize all your communication in one place.

In Zendesk, each inbound and outbound call will be automatically logged as a ticket. If needed, you can easily access the call recording in Zendesk’s customer profile. Moreover, the voicemails, abandoned or missed calls will be logged as a ticket. Once the agent is available, he can reach out to the customer.

When comparing our VoIP solution to Zendesk Talk (in-house phone system from Zendesk), CloudTalk has one huge advantage in terms of call charges. All inbound calls are for FREE. In Zendesk Talk, you need to pay an extra fee for this service.

Zendesk CTI: Connect your phone system with Zendesk 

Increase productivity and streamline processes in your support team or contact centre by using Zendesk CTI. Agents no longer need to enter phone numbers manually thanks to the Click to call feature. They can reach out to customers right from the Zendesk interface. When someone is trying to reach out to your contact center, you can automatically access the previous tickets with a single click to have detailed information about the caller at your fingertips. 

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Powerful call center features at your fingertips

No need to pay for expensive phone systems to enjoy advanced call center productivity features. CloudTalk offers 100+ features and you can choose the ones that match your needs. For instance, the Click to call feature will convert all your phone numbers into a clickable format so you can easily initiate calls directly from Zendesk.

Keep an eye on important metrics

When you track important data like average wait time, maximum wait time, average abandoned call rate and call queue statistics, you can easily identify the biggest pain points in your customer support. Moreover, you can recognize the agents that deliver the best results.

Surprise your customer with a personalized and quick response

Zendesk integration with cloud-based phone system CloudTalk eliminates the need to switch between different tools or databases if the operator needs to find specific customer information. When receiving a call, your agent can easily access the caller’s profile in CloudTalk’s phone with a single click even before picking up the phone. The following data in Zendesk will help your agents to communicate with your clients adequately and promptly.

cloudtalk best integration for zendesk phone system

Synchronize SMS to your Zendesk 

When using the SMS feature from CloudTalk, note that you can synchronize your message to your Zendesk account. After this sync is activated, CloudTalk will simply synchronize SMSs, so you won’t miss any important information when dealing with customers or prospects.

Automate your daily tasks with Workflow Automation 

Searching for ways to automate your daily workflows in your customer support or contact center? Workflow Automation is an efficient way of streamlining business processes. The Workflow Automation feature also enables you to create customer-specific business process flows even when using several different platforms.

The most-used automation scenarios for Zendesk users

  • Automatic follow-up via SMS after finished inbound/outbound calls with a specific tag; 
  • Slack message notification after receiving SMS; 
  • Ticket created in the Zendesk when the customer is not reached by an agent; 
  • And many more scenarios.

Real-time data synchronization

To deliver excellent customer support, your team needs to have quick access to customer conversation and ticket history. Two-way synchronization allows you to see all the client’s data in both systems.

Integration Zendesk + CloudTalk is ready within seconds

Set up this useful integration is really simple and quick and fortunately, it doesn’t require IT skills. All your data will be synchronized within several minutes in just a few clicks.

Quick installation guide:

Visit our complete guide on integrating Zendesk with CloudTalk for more information.