Free yourself
from complexity.

Personalize conversations, anticipate customer requests and make better, data-driven decisions – all with AI.

CloudTalk’s integration with Zendesk lets you…

Personalized Messages

Converse more efficiently across all channels from a single dashboard with AI personalization.

AI-Powered Service

Leverage generative AI trained on billions of real interactions to close support tickets faster.

Workforce Management

Remove the struggle from agent staffing and scheduling with AI performance optimization.

Integrate Zendesk with ease

Call directly
from Zendesk

Make & receive calls and SMSs directly in Zendesk. Your support agents will be able to switch between tools seamlessly and easily answer customer enquiries.

From demo
to support

CloudTalk connects to both Zendesk and Zendesk Sell so your sales, customer success and support teams can monitor every call in your reporting tools.

Thrive on
tailored ticketing

Choose when and how CloudTalk automatically creates tickets to streamline individual teams’ workflows and maximize overall organizational efficiency.

From start
to success

Maintain a complete overview of all your prospect/customer interactions across calls and SMS messages and create the ultimate personalized experience.

Always ready

Know who’s on the line before you pick up the phone. CloudTalk provides your agent with that prospect’s existing tickets directly in CloudTalk’s phone apps.


What is Zendesk phone integration?

CloudTalk + Zendesk integration will help you deliver the highest level of customer care. This integration reduces wasted employees’ time on unnecessary tasks, giving them more time to take care of your customers.

How does Zendesk call center integration+Cloudtalk work?

After linking Zendesk to CloudTalk, you will be able to see the whole call history in Zendesk (including contact tags, notes, sentiment ratings, etc.). This simple integration will centralize all your communication in one place.

Zendesk phone integration: Benefits for your business

– Synchronize your calls directly in Zendesk and save your agents valuable time
– Gain deeper insight into the performance of your agents and the quality of your customer interactions
– Leverage your learnings to create an exceptional experience for your customers
– Optimize workflow efficiency with state-of-the-art automation tools

The most-used automation scenarios for Zendesk users

– Automatic follow-up via SMS after finished inbound/outbound calls with a specific tag
– Slack message notification after receiving an SMS
– Ticket is created in Zendesk when an agent does not reach the customer

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

Schedule a demo today and find out for yourself.