Sell smarter,
not harder.

Maximize productivity, get full pipeline visibility, and drive revenue and lead generation through one simple platform.

CloudTalk’s integration with Zendesk Sell lets you…

Boost Productivity

Close more deals with less busy work with contact and deal management, activity tracking, and lead generation.

Better CX

See key customer information all in one platform and empower your team to deliver personalized CX.

Accurate Forecasts

Zendesk Sell gives you full visibility so you can plan, track, and analyze your sales process.

Integrate Zendesk Sell with ease

Call directly
from Zendesk

Make & receive calls and SMSs directly in Zendesk Sell. Your sales agents will be able to switch between tools seamlessly and easily calls prospects.

From demo to support

CloudTalk connects to both Zendesk and Zendesk Sell so your sales, customer success and support teams can monitor every call in your reporting tools.

One platform
for all your needs

Sales Reps can work without ever having to leave Zendesk Sell. Gain access to every call tags and notes, assign specific data to specific agents and see all deal activity.

Full Lead History

Make call to both leads & contacts in Zendesk Sell and we’ll record all activity for both. Once you convert a lead, we’ll also show the leads full call history in CloudTalk as well.


What is Zendesk Sell used for?

Zendesk offers the advantage of boosting sales team productivity and visibility by consolidating comprehensive customer account details in a centralized location. This consolidation reduces the effort required to access customer information, enhances communication between the sales team and customers, and ultimately elevates the overall efficiency of the sales team.

Is Zendesk a sales CRM?

Zendesk Sell stands as an efficient CRM solution tailored for sales teams, providing a spectrum of functionalities such as email automation, analytics, power dialing, and a self-service portal, catering to diverse sales needs with its user-friendly interface and robust feature set.

What are the benefit of Zendesk?

Enhancing sales team efficiency and visibility, Zendesk benefits by centralizing complete customer account data in context, streamlining access and reducing steps to retrieve customer information. This consolidation fosters improved communication between the sales team and customers, ultimately amplifying the overall productivity of the sales team.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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