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Call Center Integration For HubSpot

Bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing to boost team efficiency with the HubSpot integration for CloudTalk. Leverage the benefits of combined call center software and CRM. Make no compromises.

Real-time synchronization of contacts and activities across both platforms

Initiate calls directly from HubSpot via CloudTalk’s click-to-call feature

Access important client information, including past call recordings – anytime

Track and evaluate performance with CloudTalk’s smart and customizable analytics



Click to Call extension allows you to contact clients from HubSpot in seconds. Thanks to client info sync, you know who you’re talking to before accepting a call.

Seamless Synchronization

Never spend a minute more on manual logging. All interactions, including deals, calls, SMS, and contacts, sync automatically with their notes, tags, and recordings, and can be searched for specific information.

Comprehensive Analytics

Add customizable tags to your interactions or track your team’s performance with CloudTalk’s pre-made smart analytics.

Automated Workflows

Save time on repetitive tasks, like SMS follow-ups, call transcriptions, or logging interaction details, and focus on what really matters with workflow automation.

CloudTalk + HubSpot = Success

Both CloudTalk and HubSpot are market front-runners in their respective categories. By combining CloudTalk’s comprehensive call center software with HubSpot’s top-of-the-line CRM system, you can ensure your customers receive quality service via smooth VoIP connections and all your interactions stay logged.

All you need to do is add the integration into your CloudTalk account.

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CloudTalk is a much better software than any other tools I have used. I LOVE the HubSpot integration they offer – perfect for our other technology tools!

Jordan S.


What is the HubSpot + CloudTalk integration?

Simply put, the HubSpot phone integration connects your call center software with HubSpot CRM to give you access to all the important caller information before you even pick up the phone. It is the smart way of delivering great customer service and automating your team’s workflow.

How does the HubSpot + Cloudtalk integration work?

Integrating HubSpot CRM with CloudTalk allows you to access all the important caller information before you ever even take an incoming call. The data is regularly synchronized between the two platforms on a regular basis, so you’re always up-to-date, All in all, this allows you to avoid wasting time manually looking for customer data and instead focus on handling calls and generating new leads.

Why should you use the HubSpot + CloudTalk integration?

There are 5 key benefits to using the HubSpot+Cloudtalk phone integration. They include:

1. Personalized customer service

2. Team productivity boost

3. Workflow automation

4. Click to call your contacts from your HubSpot and easily initiate calls.

5. Data synchronization

6. Flexibility

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