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Increase ROI By Unifying Sales and Marketing

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing operations. By integrating CloudTalk and HubSpot, you turn two teams into one powerful union with a holistic approach to selling.

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Sell more and increase ROI with access to your entire customer dataset at your fingertips

Make calls instantly with a dialer, seamlessly integrated into the HubSpot interface

Connect CloudTalk with HubSpot and automate processes like sending SMS messages


Search for transcripts of your calls in HubSpot and never lose track of single customer interaction

Grow Your Business With Integrated Software

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Fuel Sales with Team Knowledge

Marketers know what people want and the sales team can make the right pitch. Combine the knowledge of key departments to boost sales based on real market needs.

Monitor real-time data

Get insights about your business at any given moment with real-time statistics. See what works, what doesn’t, and plan next steps instantly with the help of a unified database.

Automate Busywork

Log all of your interactions with customers automatically. Calls, SMS, and contacts are auto-synced with the respective notes, tags, and recordings, so you can easily search for specific data.

Dial with a single click

Attend to customers better with the power of automation. Our Click to Call feature converts phone numbers into clickable format, ensuring a quicker, more convenient dialing process.


What is the HubSpot + CloudTalk integration?

Simply put, the HubSpot + CloudTalk phone integration means that your call center software is seamlessly connected with HubSpot CRM. This gives you access to all the important caller information before you even pick up the phone. It is the smart way of delivering great customer service, selling more, and automating your team’s workflow.

How does the HubSpot + Cloudtalk integration work?

HubSpot CRM and CloudTalk integration ensures that the two platforms are regularly auto-synced, so your agents can always access up-to-date information. They don’t have to waste time on searching for customer data in more software. Instead, they can fully focus on handling calls and generating new leads.

Why should you use the HubSpot + CloudTalk integration?

Here are 5 key benefits to using the HubSpot+Cloudtalk phone integration:

1. Personalized customer service
2. Team productivity boost
3. Workflow automation
4. Click to call feature for one-click calling from HubSpot
5. Data synchronization
6. Flexibility

How do I use CloudTalk?

Using CloudTalk is simple and intuitive. With CloudTalk’s user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your phone system, handle calls, and access advanced features. To get started, log in to your CloudTalk account, set up your phone numbers, configure call routing rules, customize your call settings, and more. 

You can also integrate CloudTalk with your CRM, helpdesk, or other business tools to enhance productivity.

Can I sync contacts between CloudTalk and HubSpot?

Yes. With the HubSpot integration, you can automatically import and synchronize your contacts between CloudTalk and HubSpot, ensuring that your customer data is up to date and easily accessible. By syncing your contacts, you can streamline your workflows, improve customer engagement, and gain valuable insights.


Connect agents, customers and other software, together in the cloud

Discover how CloudTalk can provide you with unparallel control over your customer’s experience and start matching their expectations today

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