Click to Call: Dial in less than one second

Forget copy-pasting. Our Click to Call extension allows you to dial any phone number from an internet browser, CRM or helpdesk tool with a single click.

Make your work easier, boost productivity and close more deals.

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You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How Does Click to Call Work

CloudTalk’s smart feature scans websites for phone numbers and converts them into a clickable format. This lets your sales reps or agents initiate a call with a single click, directly from a website or their CRM.

Why Should You Use Click to Call?

Save Time

Instead of wasting time on manual dial and database updates, your reps can invest it into something that truly matters: driving new business revenue and creating long-lasting relationships. CloudTalk is here to handle the rest.

Increase Conversion Rate

Click to Call saves your sales reps considerable time and boosts conversion rate. You’ll increase your ROI by up to 143%.

Avoid Human

Even the most experienced agents make mistakes, especially in fast-moving environments like sales and support. Avoid errors by letting CloudTalk take care of distracting tasks, such as manual dialing or copy-pasting.


Dial Fast,
Dial Smart

Click to Call is the piece of the puzzle you need to truly automate your calling processes. Whenever the extension finds a phone number, you can add it to our flagship feature – the Smart dialer allowing you to automatically call through it.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

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Automation works great. We work with Pipedrive and from there, it’s only one click to call our clients with Cloudtalk. It’s always working.”

Aaron S.
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What is Click to Call?

Click to Call, also known as click to talk or click to dial, allows you to initiate calls directly from your internet browser via clickable buttons or hyperlinks. After clicking the number,  your default calling app gives you the option to call without a need for manual dialing.

What are the benefits of Click to Call?

With Click to Call, every phone number on a website is automatically detected and converted into clickable format. Thanks to our Click to Call feature, you can eliminate the manual dialing, decrease the risk of human error and boost your call center efficiency.

How does Click to Call work?

This is how Click to Call technology: Your prospective client or customer clicks a number on a website using their computer or mobile device. Then, their default calling app gives them the option to call it.

What is click to call service?

Click to Call, sometimes called click-to-talk or click-to-dial, is as intuitive as is sound. It enables you to connect with a company, customer service, or else by clicking on a phone number or button while browsing a website or an application.

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