Zoho Desk Integration – Resolve Tickets Faster

Expand the capabilities of your help desk. Answer all your customer support calls right within your Zoho Desk and boost your customer service experience.

Keep your data always up-to-date thanks to automated synchronization

Make and receive calls without leaving Zoho Desk

Use the click-to-call feature to dial any number you want

Access and display all customer history whenever you need it

   How You Can Benefit From the Zoho Desk Integration 

Personalized customer experience

The fully automated and constant syncing between Zoho Desk and CloudTalk enables a truly personalized experience for your clients. Whenever you interact with a client, you’ll always see their full history of calls and helpdesk tickets.

Call any number you want without leaving Zoho Desk

No need to switch between windows anymore. With our integration, your agents can stay laser-focused. Start making calls inside the Zoho Desk interface, powered by CloudTalk. 


Automated call logging

Stop registering your calls manually in Zoho Desk. CloudTalk will automatically add inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, missed calls, call recordings, and text messages directly into your tickets.

be in control

Advanced features for higher efficiency  

CloudTalk offers a wide range of advanced call center features like smart dialers, power dialers, IVR, and call routing. Our tools help you make the most of customer interactions, boosting your team’s efficiency while keeping CSAT high.

CloudTalk + Zoho Desk = Success

With automatic call logging and two-way synchronization, you get all important customer data within your reach. All caller information is paired with the tickets, helping you display them anytime you need.

Our integration allows you to manage inbound and outbound calls directly in the Zoho Desk interface, and use the click-to-call feature to dial any number you want.

With CloudTalk, you can also truly reach any global market. We offer virtual numbers worldwide (160+ countries), system integration with 30+ popular apps, and 70+ advanced call center features like a click-to-call, call recordings, smart dialer, and many more.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

“CloudTalk is very easy to use. After a few minutes, I connected with the helpdesk software I use and I didn’t need any support. But customer support in CloudTalk was very helpful when I had a lot of questions before registering my account.

Martin, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.), G2


What is Zoho Desk integration, and how to use it?

The CloudTalk + Zoho integration allows you to automate your call center daily workflows, boost your sales teams’ performance and track all important metrics. It allows you to make or receive inbound and outbound calls without leaving Zoho Desk and use 70+ advanced features.

How Zoho Phone Integration + CloudTalk integration works

Connect CloudTalk with Zoho Desk for faster ticket resolution. Save your customer support time with automatic call logging and gain easier access to recent ticket activity.

This leads to more personalized conversations right away! Add the most advanced and modern call center capabilities to Zoho Desk and centralize your phone interactions in one place.

How Zoho Desk benefits your business

With automatic call logging and two-way synchronization, you have all important customer data within your reach. 

All caller information is associated with the tickets. Therefore, you can display them anytime you need. The integration allows you to speed up your communication effortlessly. 

Furthermore, manage inbound and outbound calls directly in the Zoho Desk interface, and use the click-to-call feature to dial any number you want.

Our integration also allows you to start conversations without leaving Zoho Desk. See the full activity history the second you receive a call.

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