Assist More Customers With Inbound Call Center Software

Answer around 40% more incoming calls and improve CSAT with impeccable call quality, toll-free numbers, coverage in 160+ countries, advanced analytics, and more.

Personalize Your Support

You can’t personalize your service if you don’t understand who your callers are. CloudTalk tells you who’s on the other end of the line even before an agent accepts the call. See all contact history with previous customer interactions displayed in a single dashboard. Solve problems more quickly and show clients that you care.

Analyze Your Performance 

Our advanced analytics allow you to view all your in-depth data on your customer support team’s performance in a single dashboard. Whether you need to adjust your KPIs, get insights on agents’ performance and training, or see the reasons behind missed calls, CloudTalk analytics always points you in the right direction.

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Know Exactly What to Teach

Listen to your calls and gain a deeper understanding of the biggest strengths and weaknesses of your team. Turn these into educational materials, training, or an onboarding curriculum. Showcase your top agents by sharing their best practices with the rest of the team and letting less experienced agents learn from them.

Don’t Hide Behind Paywalls

Boost your engagement with Green (0800) or blue (0850) toll-free numbers, and let your customers call you for free or at very low rates. This may increase incoming calls by as much as 40%, as well as improve your CSAT score. It also presents you as a fair business that doesn’t charge customers unnecessarily.

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Integrate With 35+ Tools

Make your work easier and more efficient. CloudTalk integrates with over 35 CRM and helpdesk tools, in addition to other software. Examples include Zendesk, LiveAgent, and Intercom. Thanks to our integrations, you’ll never have to switch between platforms. All the information you need is conveniently displayed in a single, unified platform.

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4.5/5 – 260 reviews

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What is inbound call center software?

It’s a type of software designed to manage incoming calls to a call center. The goal is to better assist customers, make your workflow more efficient, and provide clients with relevant information. It typically includes features such as call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call queuing, and real-time reporting. 

What solutions are used in call centers?

Call centers use a variety of solutions to manage their operations, including call center software, CRM software, workforce management software, and more. These solutions are designed to help call centers manage incoming calls, track agent performance, and improve customer satisfaction.

What CRM tools are used in call centers?

Businesses use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to manage client interactions, track customer data, and provide agents with the information they need to provide personalized service. Some popular CRM tools used in call centers include Zendesk, LiveAgent, and Intercom.

What are 5 examples of inbound calls?

Inbound calls are calls that come from clients seeking assistance or information. Depending on the industry, examples of such calls include customer inquiries, complaints, updates on shipping status, technical support requests, product or service questions, and more. Find more information about inbound calls and how to handle them here.

What phone numbers can I get for an inbound call center?

Many inbound call center software, including CloudTalk, offer toll-free numbers. These allow customers to call you for free or at very low rates. You can choose from Green (0800) or Blue numbers (0850). Furthermore, there are international numbers that let you maintain a local presence anywhere in the world. CloudTalk offers over 160 of them.

What are the 5 steps to improve my inbound call center?

Attend to more customers by using inbound call center software with the right toolset.
Collect data with advanced analytics and know your performance
Laverage omnichannel support (phone, chat, SMS, social media, and more)
Collect real-time learnings from agents’ calls and educate them accordingly
Personalize your support by learning as much about your customers as possible

What are the four most common KPIs measured in an inbound call center?

Inbound call center KPIs can be broken down into 4 categories: customer satisfaction, business value, operational efficiency, and people management. Examples include CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Rate), Customer Churn Rate, and FCR (First Call Resolution).


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