Number Porting

Getting new software can be a bummer. Port local, national, mobile, and toll-free numbers from 160 countries in as little as 3 weeks. Your customers won’t know the difference!

New number. Same identity.


Keep your old numbers and make the change to a new software as simple as ever.

Same Old

Preserve your identity by porting local, national, mobile, and toll-free numbers from 160 countries.

Quick Transfer

Speed up your transition to new software and have your numbers ported in as little as 3 weeks.

What Is Number Porting?

Number porting is the process of transferring a phone number from one service provider to another, such as a phone carrier or VoIP system. Businesses often port numbers rather to maintain a recognizable identity with their existing customers and boost the chances of a successful pick-up.

The Benefits of Porting Your Number to CloudTalk

Crystal-Clear Call Quality

Poor call quality can be costly, let alone an outage. 42% of people never call back if they experience lag or delay. CloudTalk works with carriers all over the world to ensure your customers can always hear you loud and clear – regardless of location.

Access to 160+ New Markets

Don’t let landlines and borders limit your company’s growth. Choose from CloudTalk’s biggest offer of international, local, mobile, and toll-free numbers on the market today and connect with people across 160+ countries.

Advanced Productivity

Whether you want to amplify your calling operations, build better inbound customer experiences, or automate workflows as a whole, CloudTalk got you covered. Choose from 100+ AI-powered features and 35+ integrations for your favorite tools.

Comprehensive Analytics

Track calling metrics, KPIs, and OKRs for individual employees, teams, departments, or your call center as a whole with ease. Leverage AI-powered sentiment analysis and real-time reporting to benchmark your operations and drive continuous growth.

How to Port Your Number to CloudTalk


Ensure you have an active account for CloudTalk and your current VoIP provider.


Make sure the numbers you want to port are supported by CloudTalk’s country coverage.


Submit a formal porting request by sending an email to with all the necessary information.


Fill out the Letter of Authorization (LOA) issued by our team, once we’ve verified we can fulfill your request.


Wait for CloudTalk to do the rest and start calling with your (old) new number!

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Have questions?

How long does number porting take?

Depending on the complexity (number of seats and ported numbers), the set-up process can take anywhere between 1 – 10 days. On average, migration takes around 5 days and requires no downtime. The process is finalized with a switch, which takes around 20 minutes, after which your profile is ready to be used.

How much does number porting cost?

The price of porting your number depends on multiple factors, including the target country, number type, and amount of phone numbers you want to port. On average, you can expect to pay $30+ per port. You can learn more about the process here.

When would I need to port my number?

You need to port your number if you want to switch to a new carrier or VoIP provider while hanging onto your old number. This is often done to maintain business continuity, ensure brand recognition, and boost pick-up rates via numbers your customers already know and love.

What are the device requirements when porting in a number?

There are no device requirements for number porting. If it has a speaker and microphone, and it’s able to take and make calls, your device is ready to get a number ported.

Why does porting a phone number take so long?

It may not seem like it, but number porting can be quite the involved process. It requires both your past and new operator to collaborate on moving your number between the two processes and this takes time (15 days on average, but can be longer.) 

It all depends on how efficiently you can deliver all the necessary information and how willing your old provider is to let you go.

How to speed up number porting?

If you want to get your number ported faster, you can speed up the process by finding out all the necessary information before submitting your request. This includes whether your number can even be ported, the name of your underlying carrier, your service address, and more. You can learn all about this process here

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