Why settle for just voicemails? CloudTalk lets you review and respond to incoming messages directly through the app, and even sends you voicemail transcriptions directly to your email.

You have messages.

Remote Responses

Review and respond to voicemails directly in-app, through email, or Slack notifications.

Custom Routing

Create and route customers to specific voicemails for both teams and individual agents.

Personal Touch

Create personalized voicemail messages for each of your agents or specific departments.

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What Is Virtual Voicemail?

Virtual voicemail is a modern upgrade to old-fashioned voicemail systems. 

Messages are stored in the cloud, allowing you to listen to them on your phone or computer from anywhere without the need to save them on a physical device.

Features like Email Forwarding or Transcription make you more productive. Managing your voicemails becomes easier, allowing you to prioritize important messages.

Virtual voicemail can forward calls to another number and send notifications, like pop-ups or emails, so you always know when you have a new message waiting for you.

How Does Virtual Voicemail Work?

When you miss a call, the virtual voicemail system kicks in with a pre-recorded greeting. The caller can then leave a message, just like with traditional voicemail.

After a message is left, you receive a notification via email, SMS, or mobile app. You can listen to your messages through the app, a web browser, or by calling into your voicemail box.

You set up custom pathways for callers, ensuring they reach the right voicemail boxes for teams or individual agents.

It lets you add a personal touch by creating custom greetings tailored to specific agents or departments

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What Are the Benefits of Virtual Voicemail?

Access 24/7 Worldwide

You can access your voicemails from any device, including your laptop and your phone. This provides the flexibility and freedom your business needs.

Save Time With Transcription

Voicemail to Email transcription delivers messages straight to your inbox, saving you time. It’s ideal for noisy environments.

Safeguard Messages

Messages stored securely in the cloud offer better protection compared to traditional voicemail. This reduces the risk of tampering or data loss.

Easily Scale Your Business

Cloud-based virtual voicemail removes the need for hardware or phone lines, letting businesses expand without extra costs.

Boost Customer Experience

Personalize voicemail messages to match your audience and brand, and answer every call quickly, improving customer satisfaction.

Setting Up Your Virtual Voicemail with CloudTalk

#1 Access Configuration

Navigate to the Numbers tab within your dashboard account, and find your desired number and select the edit icon. Then, choose “Configure call flow.”

#2 Add Voicemail Step

Within the call flow configuration, click the “+” icon to add a new step. Select “Voicemail” from the options provided.

#3 Customize & Confirm

Add a name for this voicemail, choose a mailbox, and customize user notifications and recordings. Confirm your choices and save your settings.

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How to create a custom online voicemail?

When clients call you, the greeting is your initial contact with them. With CloudTalk, you can create custom voicemail greetings based on specific situations (outside business hours, on hold, etc.). Simply record your greeting, choose a name for it and upload it as an MP3 file. You can even create an individual personalized greeting for each contact.

How to automatically leave a voicemail?

With the Voicemail Drop feature, you can automate the process of leaving voicemails. Voicemail Drop lets your reps record and save their voicemail messages

How to automatically leave a voicemail?

With the Voicemail Drop feature, you can automate the process of leaving voicemails. Voicemail Drop lets your reps record and save their own voicemail messages

Greetings for voicemails – examples:

Some examples of greetings for voicemails are:

1. “You have reached (company). Thank you for calling. Please leave your contact information, and we will get back to you presently.”

2. “Hello. You’ve reached [company]. Please briefly state the reason for your call and we will be back to you as soon as possible.”

Can I record my voicemail greeting?

Yes, you can record your voicemail greeting with CloudTalk. 

Start by accessing the Numbers tab in your dashboard and edit your chosen number. Go to Configure call flow, add a Voicemail step, select a mailbox, adjust or apply default settings, and save.

For handling calls outside of business hours or on holidays, navigate to Account > Settings > Business Hours in your dashboard. Ensure they’re set, choose Voicemail or Play sound and Voicemail for off-hours, select a user for messages, possibly pick a greeting, and save.

Which devices can access Voicemail?

Devices that can access Voicemail with CloudTalk include mobile devices like smartphones and desktop PCs.

How much does Virtual Voicemail service cost?

At CloudTalk, virtual voicemail is included in all our plans, so there are no extra charges. For pricing details, visit our website.

For how long will Cloudtalk store my messages?

We store customers’ data only for the time of using our services or until they delete the app. However, for users on the Starter plan, data is stored for a limited period of just one month.

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