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Voicemail for your virtual phone system

Create personalized greetings or group voicemail messages. If the caller leaves a voicemail, you can listen to it directly from the internet browser, anywhere and anytime.

CloudTalk’s Voicemail feature for your virtual phone system will ensure that no inbound calls remain unanswered even outside of your business hours or when all agents are busy. Inbound calls will be routed to voicemail, allowing your callers to leave a message at times when your virtual phone system is not available.

Notifications and metrics will help you keep up with customers’ needs no matter when they call. Create individualized or group voicemail messages for your virtual phone system. The client’s message will be sent to the appropriate agent or a group of agents to respond to the query. For example, if your customer wishes to talk to your tech support, the message will be sent directly to a specific tech support agent or to the whole group of agents.

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Custom voicemail greetings for your virtual phone system

CloudTalk’s Voicemail feature can be easily tailored to your unique business needs, including custom greetings and messages. In CloudTalk, you can create customized voicemail messages to be played to callers, for example: “Unfortunately, there are no available agents at the moment. We will call you back as soon as possible.” This means that the client will not have to wait in the queue and save time.

Voicemail settings

Make your voicemail more efficient by using various setting options. You can decide that all calls coming in during busy hours or outside of your business hours will go to voicemail. Clients will be assured that you respond to their issue as soon as possible and your team will only receive a manageable amount of work.

Voicemail notifications

If the customer leaves you a voice message, you can find it right away in the list of missed calls and play directly from the internet browser from anywhere and anytime. If needed, CloudTalk can automatically create an email with the voicemail recording along with caller information. The email is then sent to the appropriate agent or a group of agents so that all calls receive a relevant response in a timely manner. 

Voicemail metrics

CloudTalk will show you the history of all voicemails, also available in graphs. Voicemail history contains the following data:

  • who left the message
  • when was the message recorded
  • the caller’s phone number
  • play the recording

Data gathered from these metrics empower managers to optimize workflows and adapt your virtual phone system (call center) to evolving customers’ needs.

Improve your customer service and provide your clients with the option to leave a message that is automatically sent to your agents.

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These features might be interesting for you

  • Call flow designer – Create pre-defined calling scenarios based on your business needs and preferences.
  • SMS/Text Messages – This feature allows you to send personal messages or general notifications to your customers and make your contact center work much more effective. 
  • IVR – This popular call center feature helps with guiding the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents.
  • Callback – Thanks to callback feature, there won’t be any unanswered phone calls in your call centre, because CloudTalk will automatically call your customers back.
  • Call recording – CloudTalk can automatically make a recording of all calls. Once the call ends, you can listen to it directly from your internet browser anywhere and anytime.

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