Virtual Voicemail: Access Voicemails Anytime, Anywhere

Manage business voicemail messages with ease. CloudTalk’s Virtual Voicemail helps you adapt your workflow and gives you access to voicemails wherever you are and whenever you need them.

You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How Does Virtual Voicemail Work?

Let customers reach you even outside of business hours or when all agents are busy. With CloudTalk’s voicemail system, you can be sure no call goes unnoticed. Each unanswered call is routed to voicemail, so customers can leave you a message. You can find the voicemail message right away in the list of missed calls and listen to it directly from your internet browser.

What Makes Virtual Voicemail Unique?

Automate Voicemail Messages Distribution

Create individualized or group voicemail messages for your virtual phone system. Our voicemail will send a client’s message to the appropriate agent or group of agents, so they can respond to the query. For example, if your customer wishes to talk to tech support, the message will go directly to a specific tech support agent or the whole group of agents.

Get Notified Anywhere

Stay organized with a voicemail to email tool. Our voicemail service automatically generates and sends a notification to your email inbox anytime you get a voicemail message. Each email includes a recording and a transcript of the message.

Create Custom Greetings

Our virtual voicemail allows you to personalize your messages as much as you need. You can easily create custom greetings and messages for specific business needs. Tailor them to fit various scenarios and make sure your customers hear exactly what you want them to hear.

Learn From Voicemail Metrics

CloudTalk’s voicemail system lets you see the history of all voicemails, also available in graphs. The data displayed includes who left the message when the message was recorded and the caller’s phone number. This information allows you to optimize workflows better and adapt your virtual phone system to the needs of your customers.

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CloudTalk app is available on multiple platforms with call and text capability. Additional features like call routing or voicemail are also great.”

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What is a virtual voicemail?

Virtual voicemail is a feature which provides you with online storage for your missed calls. All voicemails are safely stored in the cloud. The virtual voicemail tool can also forward calls to another phone number. If you are using the same phone line for your dial-up modem, CloudTalk will notify you about new voicemail via a pop-up window or email

Check also our voicemail drop feature.

How to create a custom voicemail?

When clients call you, greeting is your initial contact with them. With CloudTalk, you can create custom voicemail greetings based on specific situations (outside business hours, on-hold, etc.). Simply record your greeting, choose a name for it and upload it as an MP3 file. You can even create an individual personalized greeting for each contact.

How to automatically leave a voicemail?

With the Voicemail Drop feature, you can automate the process of leaving voicemails. Voicemail Drop lets your reps record and save their own voicemail messages

Greetings for voicemails – examples:

Some examples of greetings for voicemails are:

1. “You have reached (company). Thank you for calling. Please leave your contact information, and we will get back to you presently.”

2. “Hello. You’ve reached [company]. Please briefly state the reason for your call and we will be back to you as soon as possible.”

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