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Voicemail Drop

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Searching for ways to make your phone call outreach more productive? Try the Voicemail Drop feature and automate the processes of leaving voicemail messages.

Make the processes of leaving voicemail messages effective and smooth

Sales reps make hundreds of outbound calls daily, but some of those calls only reach voicemail. Reps must therefore record and repeat the same phrase over and over every time they reach their prospects’ voicemails. 

Recording a suitable voicemail message takes approx. 20-60 seconds, which is a lot of time. When your agent is connecting with 150 prospects a day and needs to leave a voicemail 100 times, it can take him/her 33 to 100 minutes per day. That time could be utilized much more efficiently. 

How does the Voicemail Drop feature work? 

Voicemail Drop lets your reps record and save their own voicemail messages. Once the rep reaches voicemail, he/she can select a message from the list of predefined recordings. This pre-recorded message will then automatically play, allowing the agent to move on to the next call.

Work smart and boost your productivity

Key benefits of using the Voicemail Drop feature:

  1. Time-saving – Save your reps time spent on recording and sending voicemail messages. Instead, they can focus on their many other important sales tasks. 
  2. High-quality message – A message recorded in advance always sounds better. Your reps say exactly what’s needed and use the right tone of voice. Without this feature, repeatedly leaving the same message gets tiring, which can result in a lack of lively, positive, and straightforward delivery. 
  3. Use your data wisely – When your reps use several pre-recorded voicemail messages, you can easily collect data and decide which recording works the best for prospects.

Do you want to learn more about the Voicemail Drop feature?

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