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Voicemail Drop: How is it used in Sales?

Simplify the follow-up process by automatically leaving pre-recorded voicemails for prospects who miss your calls.

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You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How does Voicemail Drop Work?

You reach out to thousands of people a day, and many of them are unavailable — why not leave a message on their answering machine? Leaving a message can increase the chances that they’ll call you back, or at least be more familiar with you when you contact them again. But leaving a personalized message is extremely time-consuming and kills motivation (due to its repetitiveness). Instead, record a few messages and let your agents pick which message is most appropriate to leave.

Voicemail Drop lets your reps record and save their own voicemail messages. Once the rep reaches voicemail, they can select a message from the list of predefined recordings. This pre-recorded message will then automatically play, allowing the agent to move on to the next call.

What makes Voicemail Drop Unique?

Improve brand’s reputation and conversion rate

Prospects will appreciate the fact that your business went the extra mile in leaving them a voicemail message after a missed call. It shows that you truly care about reaching them and making a good first impression.

Saves agents’ time

By pre-recording messages and having agents select the one that’s most appropriate in a given circumstance, you can give your agents the opportunity to focus on what’s really important: winning more deals for your business. 


Leave high-quality, personalized messages

We recommend recording voicemail messages that’d work well in a variety of situations, so your agents can leave their prospects feeling valued. 


Use your data wisely

When your reps use several pre-recorded voicemail messages, you can easily collect data and decide which recordings work best in certain situations and which work best in others. 

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What is Voicemail Drop?

An outbound call technique where you can leave a prerecorded message on your contacts’ answering machine automatically

How do you use Voicemail Drop?

See our Help Center article, here.

How do you record a Voicemail Drop message?

See our Help Center article, here.

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