Voicemail Drop

Sales team getting their calls declined or ignored? Save time and improve calling effectiveness by dropping personalized voicemails in your prospects inbox at the click of a button.

Drop at the tone.

One Tap

Drop pre-recorded messages into customers’ voicemail with the tap of a button.


Pre-record custom voicemail messages to create a better, more consistent customer experience.


Reduce the impact of getting sales calls declined or ignored by always getting your message across.

How does Voicemail Drop Work?

You reach out to thousands of people a day, and many of them are unavailable — why not leave a message on their answering machine? Leaving a message can increase the chances that they’ll call you back, or at least be more familiar with you when you contact them again. But leaving a personalized message is extremely time-consuming and kills motivation (due to its repetitiveness). Instead, record a few messages and let your agents pick which message is most appropriate to leave.

Voicemail Drop lets your reps record and save their own voicemail messages. Once the rep reaches voicemail, they can select a message from the list of predefined recordings. This pre-recorded message will then automatically play, allowing the agent to move on to the next call.

How To Set Up
Voicemail Drop


Log in to your
CloudTalk account


Click Settings > Voicemail Drops


Add voicemail message (At the moment, users can choose between two options: record the message directly in the app or upload a file.)


Enter a name for the new voicemail message and record or upload file.


If needed, agents can also set a default voicemail, play, rename or delete the recording(s).

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What is Voicemail Drop?

An outbound call technique where you can leave a prerecorded message on your contacts’ answering machine automatically

How do you use Voicemail Drop?

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How do you record a Voicemail Drop message?

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