Grow your

Use automations to drive high-quality leads, increase customer engagement, and sharpen your marketing efforts.

CloudTalk’s integration with ActiveCampaign lets you…

AI Contact Scoring

Identify high-intent leads and accelerate follow-up with deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Intelligent Sales Insights

Get smart predictions to optimize your sales strategy, maximize efficiency and find the best deals to close.

Work Automation

Assign leads, send emails, add tasks, update fields, create reminders and more — all automatically.

Integrate ActiveCampaign with ease

One platform
for all your needs

Sales Reps can work without ever having to leave ActiveCampaign. Gain access to every call tags and notes, assign specific data to specific agents and see all deal activity.

Always ready

Know who’s on the line before you pick up the phone. CloudTalk provides your sales reps with that prospect’s active deals directly in CloudTalk’s phone apps.

From start to finish

Get a complete overview of your prospects’ journey, even when multiples sales reps are working different deals and link calls to multiple open deals.


Does ActiveCampaign have a CRM system?

ActiveCampaign incorporates a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, providing businesses with a valuable tool for nurturing incoming leads, particularly beneficial for those without an existing CRM. This built-in CRM serves as a practical solution to manage growing contact lists, enabling more effective lead-nurturing processes within the platform.

What are integrations in ActiveCampaign?

Integrations in ActiveCampaign enable the incorporation of data or details from one software platform into another, enhancing the overall capabilities and functionality of your system. These integrations facilitate streamlined processes, the synchronization of contact information, automated follow-ups, and other enhancements, contributing to a more comprehensive and efficient software experience.

What are the benefits of ActiveCampaign for your business?

ActiveCampaign offers several benefits for businesses, including advanced email marketing automation, effective segmentation, personalized communication, and robust CRM capabilities. Its features enable efficient lead nurturing, improved customer engagement, streamlined workflows, and detailed analytics, ultimately enhancing marketing and sales effectiveness while fostering stronger customer relationships for business growth.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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